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What is Unnati Hooda’s age, height, weight, and more?

At 16 years old, Unnati Hooda is a young Indian badminton talent who caught everyone’s eye after she became the youngest Indian to win a Super 100 tournament. Unnati burst onto the senior international scene in October 2021 when she was just 14. She’s currently 217th in the world in singles and partners with Palak Arora in doubles, ranking 164th. Earlier, Unnati shared her ambition to break into the world’s top 150 players this year. Starting, Unnati played badminton at her school and sometimes trained with her dad, Upkar Hooda.

Initially, Upkar had Unnati practice with her uncle during his spare time. However, as he noticed her skill level rise, he took a more active role in coaching her, helping her become one of India’s top badminton talents. There was a surprise in the Indian badminton community when the team was announced for big events like this year’s Uber Cup and Asian Games. Star player Saina Nehwal was not on the list. Instead, young Unnati Hooda, who came third in trials, was chosen to join the squad.

Unnati got her start in badminton at the Chhotu Ram Stadium, a place known for its successful wrestlers like Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik. It is here that Parvesh Kumar runs a badminton academy, which introduced Unnati to the sport. Born on September 20, 2007, in Chamaria village, Unnati was introduced to the sport by her father, a badminton enthusiast, who signed her up at the academy when she was seven.

Early Career of Unnati Hooda’s

In 2018, Unnati Hooda clinched a bronze medal at the Under-13 National Championships, followed by securing the title of Under-15 National Champion the very next year. Hooda demonstrated a drive to excel and continuously improve her game. In her first competition of 2021, the India International Challenge, Hooda made it to the finals only to be bested by Anupama Upadhyaya. Entering 2022 with determination, Unnati participated in the Odisha Open and emerged victorious, marking her first win at a BWF World Tour event by defeating Smit Toshniwal in the finals.

She also earned a silver at the 2022 Badminton Asia Junior U17 & U15 Championships in the U17 singles. Hooda stood out at the Khelo India Youth Games in June 2022, where she won gold after defeating seasoned players like Aditi Bhatt and Tasnim Mir, both of whom have represented India in the Uber Cup. Earlier that year, Mir had made history as the first Indian to rank world No. 1 in the U19 girls’ singles rankings. Hooda’s performance at the games not only showed her skill but also highlighted her potential as a rising star in badminton.

ameUnnati Hooda
Place of birthRohtak, Haryana, India
DOB20 September 2007
Age16 yrs
Height1.57 m
Weight50 kg

What is Unnati Hooda’s age?

The age of the Indian athlete is currently 16 years. Unnati Hooda was born on 20 September 2007 in Rohtak, Haryana, India.

What is Unnati Hooda’s height?

Unnati Hooda’s height is 157m or roughly 5’2 inches.

What is Unnati Hooda’s weight?

Indian badminton star Unnati Hooda’s weight is 50 kg.

When did Unnati Hooda start her professional career?

Upakar Hooda, a badminton enthusiast, introduced his daughter Unnati to the sport by signing her up for training when she was seven. At 15, Unnati Hooda is quickly making headlines in badminton circles. She’s the youngest player from India to reach the U17 Women’s Singles final at the Badminton Asia Junior Championships. Unnati has climbed the ranks through her commitment and tireless efforts, taking on seasoned competitors and emerging victorious, securing her a spot in the final. This accomplishment has not only won her acclaim from top badminton figures but also highlighted her need to strive for greater consistency in her play.

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