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What is Tanya Hemanth’s age, height, weight, and more?

Tanya Hemanth discovered her talent for badminton while watching her mom, Rani, play at the local Indiranagar Club. At just eight years old, Tanya decided to give the sport a shot. Fast forward ten years, Tanya has emerged as a key player in the junior badminton circuit, securing the 12th spot in the world singles rankings. As the badminton season gears up to resume, her goal is to climb into the top five rankings this year.

At 20, Tanya is a rising star hailing from Bengaluru, currently holding the 48th position globally, just one step below her all-time best ranking. In her youth, Tanya has already bagged two BWF Junior International titles. She also boasts a victory in a BWF International Challenge or Series event. On the court, Tanya is known for commanding the game, using steep angles to confound her opponents.

Her greatest asset is her trick shots, which often help her clinch points. It’s this skill in deception that has contributed to her being chosen to represent her country at the important Asian Badminton Championship in Myanmar last year. The pinnacle of Tanya’s career thus far came when she clinched the women’s singles title at the BWF U19 Dubai Junior International Series.

In a remarkable display, she defeated the top seed and fellow Indian Tasnim Mir in straight sets at the 31st Iran Fajr International Challenge in Tehran. The match, where Tanya won 21-7, 21-11, marked her quickest victory of the day, and it was her first triumph over Tasnim in a BWF tournament, following two earlier losses. The award ceremony was a proud moment, with Tanya donning a headscarf, and beaming as she stood with the gold medal.

Early Career of Tanya Hemanth’s

In 2012, Tanya Hemanth stood out in her age group for badminton. She took home the titles for singles and doubles at the U10 and U12 levels, playing for National Public School Indiranagar at the Canara Union interschool competition. Fast forward three years, and she swept three U13 state tournaments. Tanya dominated the U15 division in 2016 and 2017.

Her first big win in the U13 national doubles was in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, in 2014, and she snagged the U15 singles at a Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh event in 2017. Tanya made waves in doubles all over India after that, including grabbing U19 gold at a junior tournament in Chandigarh in January 2020. Ranked fifth among junior players nationwide, she decided to focus more on singles matches.

 Looking back, she feels 2017 was her standout year when she shined in national competitions. In 2017, she also started competing internationally, winning her first title in Dubai in 2018. In 2019, she bagged a silver in the Cyprus Junior and a bronze in both singles and doubles back in Dubai. Her time playing abroad, especially in Europe, showed her how key strength and staying fit are in badminton.

NameTanya Hemanth
Place of birthMysore, Karnataka
DOB19 September 2003
Age20 yrs
Height1.64 m
Weight50 kg

What is Tanya Hemanth’s age?

The age of the Indian athlete is currently 20 years. Tanya Hemanth was born on 19 September 2003 in Mysore, Karnataka.

What is Tanya Hemanth’s height?

Tanya Hemanth’s height is 164 m or roughly 5’4 1/2″.

What is Tanya Hemanth’s weight?

Indian athlete Tanya Hemanth’s weight is 50 kg.

When did Tanya Hemanth start her professional career?

Since her debut in international competitions in 2017, Tanya captured her inaugural championship at the Dubai Junior International Series in 2018. She continued to impress by securing a silver medal at the 2019 Cyprus Junior and earning bronze in both singles and doubles in Dubai that same year. Tanya’s experiences abroad, especially in Europe, were instrumental in her realization of the critical role that strength and physical conditioning play in the sport.

In Indonesia, she found conditions that mirrored those of her home country, including similar weather and competitor styles. However, her initial participation in a Croatian tournament exposed her to more robust competitors, an encounter that was pivotal in her preparation for the Cyprus competition, where she achieved a silver medal.

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