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EPL stats: Which clubs have made the most tackles in Premier League era?

Tackling is an art, which is something not many players can do it with utmost precision on a consistent basis. The modern game is played at such pace and intensity, it is important for a player to time his challenges accurately. This is something that is not only limited to the defenders. The way football is played in the current generation requires every outfield player on the pitch to do a good amount of defensive work. It starts with the frontline players who close down the opponents and press them higher up the pitch.

They are joined by the midfielders to support the pressing system. However, midfielders have an important role on the pitch, which not only requires to support the team’s high pressing but also drop back to help out the defenders if need be. In such a scenario, every player on the pitch might be needed to intercept a pass or even tackle an opponent. Some do it better than the others. It is those teams that will be analysed in depth in this article.

Which club has made the most tackles?

The team at the top of this list is Liverpool with 13,087 tackles during the Premier League era, as per the (some stats are only available since 2006-07 season). The Reds have been a mainstay in the English top flight, hence it is not a big surprise to see them at the top of this table. Besides, this specific set of stats also shows how well organised Liverpool have been in the defensive side of things.

Second in the table is Tottenham Hotspur with 12,603 tackles. Spurs are also a regular in the Premier League. However, they have been one of the most inconsistent sides in the division, which makes it extremely frustrating for their supporters. Chelsea wrap up the top three with 12,420 tackles. The Blues became a force to be reckoned with in mid-2000s and have since been one of the teams to be feared in this country.

Which are the other notable clubs?

Arsenal are not far behind in fifth position with 12,107 tackles, while Manchester United have registered 12,096 tackles. These two clubs used to enjoy a big rivalry when Sir Alex Ferguson was United’s manager and Arsene Wenger was helming the Gunners. However, both clubs have not been able to live up those levels in recent years yet they are still a real force in the division. Check out the table below to know more about the clubs that have made the most tackles in Premier League era.

2Tottenham Hotspur12,603
6Manchester United12,096
7Manchester City11,786
8West Ham United11,224
9Newcastle United10,810
10Aston Villa10,462

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