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Who is Tejaswin Shankar’s wife, Siddhi Hiray? Know everything about his love life

Born on 21 December 1998 Tejaswin Shankar is an Indian decathlete who has taken the world of athletics by his charisma and dominance on the field. He holds the high jump national record of 2.29 metres set in April 2018. Shankar received a four-year athletics scholarship to the Kansas State University in 2017 where he studied business administration. In what is perceived as an unconventional career choice for an active athlete, he has a corporate career in the US, where he works for Deloitte. However, he quit this job to focus on being a “full-time athlete”. Shankar showcased his marvellous performance at the Asian Games 2022 Hangzhou where finished as the runner-up in the decathlon team. At the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games in Apia, Shankar won the gold medal and set a record with a height of 2.14 metres. With a 2.17-meter leap, he took home silver at the Guwahati South Asian Games in 2016. He missed the 2016 World Junior Championships and placed sixth at the Asian Junior Championships due to a groyne injury.

At the Junior National Championships in Coimbatore in November 2016, Shankar, then 17 years old, gained notoriety by shattering the 12-year-old national record of 2.25 metres with a jump of 2.26 metres. That year, he ranked third globally in the IAAF junior high jump competition. However, due to a slipped disc, he was bedridden for six months in 2017. He changed to the decathlon and, in July of 2023, won a Bronze in the Asian Athletics Championships. In October 2023, he broke the Indian national record in the decathlon by six points, placing second and winning a silver medal at the 2022 Asian Games.  He wants to make the transition to the decathlon permanent after qualifying as a high jumper for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The addition of silver medallist Tejaswin Shankar to the decathlon adds a new sparkle to the 10-eventer. Recently, the 24-year-old Delhi native broke the one-year-old meet record at the 37th National Games at the Bambolim Athletics Stadium.

However, the biggest life update for Tejaswin has been his engagement to his long-term girlfriend Siddhi Hiray. Subsequently, the couple posted their engagement photos on their respective social media accounts. However, the entire ceremony was a very private affair and there were not many outsiders apart from the family members of Siddhi and Tejaswin.

NameTejaswin Shankar
DOBDecember 21, 1998
CategoryIndian athlete
International CareerHangzhou, Apia, Singapore
Current World Ranking1525
Highest World Ranking855
Honours1x Asian Games Silver medallist
1x Commonwealth Games Bronze medallist
1x Asian Championships Bronze medallist
1x In Top 8 at Commonwealth Games

Best Domestic Finish

Shankar’s best domestic finish has to be in the Junior National Championships in Coimbatore when he broke Hari Shankar Roy’s 12-year-old national record of 2.25 metres with a jump of 2.26 metres. Subsequently, he was the third-best IAAF junior high jumper in the world that year

Best International Finish

On the other hand, Shankar’s best international performance has to be in Lubbock where he created a personal best and a national record of 2.29 m. The other significant performance where Shankar tremendous grit was during the Asian Games in Hangzhou. Although the Indian athlete missed the gold by a whisker, he managed to inspire a generation of athletes present in the stadium and lakhs of Indians who were glued to their TV screens.

Who is Tejaswin Shankar’s wife?

Shankar is presently engaged to his longtime girlfriend Siddhi Hiray. Siddhi is a post-graduate from the Loughborough University, Leicestershire. She had completed her graduation earlier in the area of psychology from the Savitribhai Phule University in Pune.

Does Tejaswin Shankar have a child?

According to reports, Tejaswin Shankar and Siddhi Hiray do not have a child as of now. However, as soon as there is any update you can find the updated information on our website.

Know everything about his love life

Tejaswin is engaged to his longtime sweetheart Siddhi Hiray. Both Tejaswin and Siddhi met during their respective professional career and dated for 8 long years. Recently, the decathlete exchanged rings with his girlfriend a week ago. The engagement ceremony took behind closed doors and far away from the media paparazzi. Siddhi is currently a college administrator at Durham University and is based in the United Kingdom. Moreover, Siddhi is a post-graduate of the Loughborough University School of Business and Economics. Siddhi specialized in industrial and organizational psychology. Not only that, Hiray has also been a graduate of psychology from the Savitribhai Phule University of Pune.

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