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What is Tejaswin Shankar’s age, height, weight, and more?

Tejaswin Shankar, an Indian high jumper who won the first medal for his country in the high jump competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, chose to pursue the sport against his father’s desire for him to play cricket. Happiness follows the medal triumph not only in Delhi but all the way to Varanasi from Kerala. His diligence paid off, bringing honor to the nation. Tejaswin’s maternal grandmother, S Rajalakshmi, resides in Hanumanghat Mohalla, Varanasi. She informed me that Tejaswin’s father, a Supreme Court lawyer, had always wanted him to play cricket. Tejaswin, who stands six feet and four inches tall, was also an excellent fast bowler in school. Later, the coach encouraged her to pursue the sport of high jumping. Tejaswin never looked back, winning medals everywhere he went. Over his five-year stay in America, his skills improved, and he now holds a medal.

Up till the eighth grade, Tejaswin played cricket at the Sardar Patel Vidyalaya in New Delhi. However, his physical education teacher advised him to switch to high jumping. He quickly started winning medals in interschool sports contests. In 2017, Shankar was awarded a four-year athletic scholarship to study business administration at Kansas State University. Shankar was born in Delhi on December 21, 1998, into a Tamil family. His father Harishankar, a lawyer, died of blood cancer in 2014. Lakshmi Shankar, his mother, practices law. Avantika Shankar is the name of his sister. Shankar won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Youth Games in Apia in 2015. He won silver in the 2.17-meter leap at the Guwahati South Asian Games in 2016. Shankar’s final Commonwealth Games qualifying position was sixth overall. In Patiala, at the 22nd Federation Cup Indian Championships, Shankar broke his own personal national record.

Early Career of Tejaswin Shankar

Tejaswin recounts how, at the age of fifteen, his father gave him the advice to decide between his education and sports. This dates back to 2014. The School Nationals competition took place in Ranchi this year. Tejaswin had written a letter to his father before to attending this competition. He had informed his father that this Ranchi competition would be his final sporting event and that he would then solely focus on his academics. After giving his father this letter, he headed to Ranchi, where he took home the bronze medal. At the Junior National Championships in Coimbatore in November 2016, Shankar, then 17 years old, gained notoriety by shattering the 12-year-old national record of 2.25 meters with a jump of 2.26 meters. That year, he ranked third globally in the IAAF junior high jump competition. A slipped disk left him bedridden for six months in 2017. Shankar surpassed Roy’s indoor national record by one centimeter in January 2018 after shattering it with a performance of 2.18 meters in the same month. He set a new indoor record in February at the Big 12 Indoor Athletics Championships in Ames, Iowa, with a leap of 2.28 meters.

NameTejaswin Shankar
Place of birthSaket, South Delhi
DOBDecember 21, 1998
Age25 yrs
Weight81 kg

What is Tejaswin Shankar’s age?

The age of the ace Indian athlete is currently 25 years. Tejaswin Shankar was born on 21 December, 1998 in Saket, South Delhi.

What is Tejaswin Shankar’s height?

Tejaswin Shankar’s height is 6’4”.

What is Tejaswin Shankar’s weight?

Indian Athlete Tejaswin Shankar’s weight is 81 kg.

When did Tejaswin Shankar start his professional career?

At the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Games in Apia, Shankar won the gold medal with a new Games record of 2.14 meters. Tejaswin Shankar won silver at the Guwahati South Asian Games in 2016 with a leap of 2.17 meters. Due to a groin injury, Tejaswin Shankar finished sixth in the Asian Junior Championships and was unable to compete in the World Junior Championships in 2016. Shankar participated in the men’s and mixed 4x400m relays at Kansas State during his 2018 collegiate season. He also attempted the long jump and triple jump. “In my first year of college in 2018, I jumped 2.29 meters, which I believe is still the national record,” he stated. However, the next year, even though I had gained a lot of strength and improved physically, I wasn’t jumping very high.

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