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What is Nayana James’s age, height, weight and more?

Nayana James, who belongs to the Kozhikode, Kerela, always had a passion for sports. From her school age, she showed great interest in the athletics field. Nayana is also an Income tax officer, She’s an inspiration, proving that you can have a normal job and still chase your sporting dreams. She’s made India proud and encourages young athletes all over the country to believe in themselves and work hard to reach their goals.

Nayana trained for years, competing in smaller events before stepping onto the world stage. In 2017, her hard work paid off! She won a gold medal at the important Federation Cup competition in India. This victory opened doors, and in that same year, she won a bronze medal at the Asian Championships, a huge competition with athletes from all over Asia. In 2018, she won silver at the Asian Indoor Games and even competed in the Commonwealth Games, where athletes from many countries come together.

Nayana has won many medals in Indian competitions throughout her career. Her long jump of 6.55 meters is one of the best in India’s history. But her success isn’t limited to just India. Her wins at the Asian Championships and her participation in the Commonwealth Games show she can compete with the best of the best. Also recently she made a record-breaking jump of 6.67 meters in the 3rd Indian Open Jump competition.

Nayana, hailing from a small town in Kerala, has proven that hard work and dedication can lead to great achievements. She has made a name for herself in the field of athletics by winning numerous domestic and international tournaments. International tournaments.

Early career of Nayana James

Nayana’s journey to becoming a professional long jumper began in school, where her talent was recognized by her first coach, K.M. Peter. He encouraged her to work hard and become an amazing athlete. Though Nayana was interested in sports, she decided to pursue athletics professionally. To achieve this, she moved to a special school far from home to train every day with coach Jose Mathew, who had helped other athletes become champions. It wasn’t easy, and Nayana trained for years, sometimes feeling like giving up, but she remained focused on her dream. Finally, in 2017, she had a big win at an important competition in India. That’s when everyone started to take notice of Nayana James. This was just the beginning of her incredible journey as an athlete. She has also won bronze in the Asian Athletics Championship 2017. And a silver in the 2018 Asian Indoor Games, and has represented India in the Commonwealth Games.

NameNayana James
Place of birthKohzikode, Kerela, India
DOB18 October 1995
CategoryWomen’s Long Jumper
Age 28 years
Height 1.74 meters (5ft 9in)
Weight62 kg

What is Nayana James’s age?

At present, the age of Indian athlete Nayana James is 28 years old, as she was born on 18 October 1995.

What is Nayana James’s height?

The height of the women’s long jumper Nayana James is 1.74 meters which is approx 5 feet 9 inches.

What is Nayana James’s weight?

The weight of Nayana James is around 62 kg.

When did Nayana James start her professional career?

In 2010, Nayana made the important decision to move to Thalassery and train at a specialized sports school under a renowned coach. This shows commitment and the start of serious training. She started her career professionally after 2010. However, her breakthrough and recognition on the national stage came in 2017 when she won gold at the 21st Federation Cup National Senior Athletics Championships. This victory likely opened doors to further professional opportunities and competitions.

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