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Scott Steiner Views On Bron Breakker Not Using Any Last Name

Bron Breakker is a rising star in the professional wrestling world and has been making his mark on WWE’s main roster. Despite being a part of the esteemed Steiner family lineage, WWE has chosen not to utilize the famous Steiner name in his ring persona. This decision has sparked curiosity among wrestling fans and even raised some questions from his uncle and wrestling icon Scott Steiner.

In a recent interview with “Monopoly Events,” Scott Steiner expressed his perplexity regarding the WWE’s choice to omit the Steiner name from Bron’s ring persona. However, he made it clear that he supports his nephew’s journey in the wrestling industry regardless of the name he carries. He said he was not going to say anything as long as he kept on doing what he did. This highlights the confidence Scott has in Bron’s abilities as a wrestler.

Bron Breakker’s Wrestling Pedigree

Despite the absence of the Steiner name, Bron Breakker has been paying homage to his family’s wrestling lineage in various ways. From incorporating elements and skills of his father to using iconic moves into his arsenal from his uncle Scott. Bron has been showing his appreciation for his wrestling heritage. Scott Steiner acknowledges these with pride. He said “I give him sh*t all the time that he’s stealing all our sh*t, he does my Frankensteiner, does our suplexes, but he has his specific way of doing everything so it’s different,”

Bron Breakker maintains close ties with his family and relatives despite the lack of the Steiner name in his WWE persona. Scott Steiner emphasized the importance of having family bonds and revealed that he and Bron communicate regularly despite their busy schedules. Their enduring connection reflects the strong familial support that has been instrumental in Bron’s journey as a wrestler.

Scott Steiner’s Support and Guidance

Bron Breakker had the honor of inducting his father, Rick Steiner, and uncle, Scott Steiner, into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2022. This memorable occasion symbolized the passing of the torch from one generation to the next with Bron poised to carry on the family legacy in the wrestling world.

Despite not having the Steiner name in his son’s WWE persona, Rick understands and respects his decision. While Bron Breakker’s decision to letgo of the Steiner name may seem unconventional to some people it is a choice that reflects his desire to carve out his path in the wrestling world by his hard work.

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