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Top 5 heaviest WWE wrestlers of all time

Within the WWE, size matters. Various heavyweights have taken front stage in the WWE ring over the years. Some of them would go on to win the title of world champions, dominating smaller opponents with their overwhelming strength. Let’s examine the ten heaviest WWE wrestlers for this article.

Big Daddy V 

Everyone can recall Big Daddy V’s or Viscera’s dominating presence during his time in the WWE. He had major collaborations with Kane, CM Punk, The Undertaker, and Mark Henry, peaking at 500 pounds. Viscera won a Tag Team championship and the Hardcore Championship during his time in the WWE. In the latter stages of his WWE career, Viscera changed into Big Daddy V, who frequently appeared in the main event of ECW.

Andre the Giant

Perhaps the most renowned giant in the WWE is Andre the Giant. Andre weighed 540 pounds and was a commanding 7’4″ tall. Andre moved effectively for his size, despite his size. He once held the titles of World Heavyweight Champion and Tag Team Champion. Andre also engaged in rivalries with a number of the greatest wrestlers in history, including Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Brett Hart, and others. The WWF added him to the Hall of Fame after his death.


Yokozuna was frequently mistaken for a Japanese sumo wrestler because of his name and physique. Yokozuna, however, is truly Samoan-American and a member of the illustrious Anoa’i family. Yokozuna would go on to become one of the WWE’s most prosperous titans. He is actually the largest person to ever hold the WWE Championship at 600 lbs. Yokozuna would go on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship twice and the Championship twice. In 1993, he also prevailed in the Royal Rumble. It is hardly surprising that Yokozuna was admitted into the Hall of Fame in 2012 given his distinguished career.

Haystacks Calhoun

In addition to Yokozuna, Haystacks Calhoun was another wrestler who could lift more than 600 pounds. It’s not surprising given his size that he used to be one of WWE’s top draws. Calhoun frequently engaged in wrestling matches with fellow giant Happy Humphrey. But his most significant achievement came in 1973, when he teamed up with Tony Garea to defeat Mr. Fuji and Toru Tanaka for the Tag Team Championships, and went on to capture his one and only WWE championship. Calhoun was admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017.

Happy Humphrey

Haystacks Calhoun, who weighed 600 pounds, was already enormous, but Happy Humphrey was even bigger. Humphrey, who is estimated to weigh 800 lbs, became the largest wrestler in WWE history after tipping the scales. One of the biggest draws of wrestling was Happy Humphrey, along with Haystacks Calhoun. He actually frequently competed in handicap bouts for the WWE. Although in wrestling, being bigger often helps, Humphrey found that to be the case. Humphrey’s weight caused him cardiac issues, which led to the end of his wrestling career.

Happy Humphrey800 lbs
Haystacks Calhoun601 lbs
Yokozuna600 lbs
Andre The Giant540 lbs
Big Daddy V500 lbs

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