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Top 5 Youngest WWE Champion ever in the history of WWE

Most of the best wrestlers in WWE’s lengthy history have won the World Championship. However, wrestling differs from other sports in that wrestlers often reach their prime in their mid- to late-20s and retire before the age of 40. In the squared circle, however, it is practically the complete reverse, with wrestlers often not reaching their peak and prime years until well into their 30s. Because of this, it is unusual for a wrestler to win the World Championship while still in their 20s. 

It is a scripted sport and business where players often “pay their dues” and advance up the card before competing in the main event and winning the World Championship. There are several exceptions, though, and they are listed here. The WWE, Universal, World Heavyweight, ECW (2006–2010), and WCW (2001) Championships are the only Titles that can be won within the WWE. SportsLumo walks you through the youngest World Champions in WWE history in light of this.

The Undertaker 

One year after his debut, The Deadman captured his first WWE Championship. He defeated Hulk Hogan at Survivor Series on November 27, 1991, with the aid of Ric Flair. Unbelievably, he won his first World Championship in that manner; unfortunately, he lost it six days later.

The Rock 

Another World Title triumph and Survivor Series début, this time in 1996 and (November 15) 1998, respectively. A year after the Montreal Screwjob, Vince and Shane McMahon stole the title from Mankind in a different plot. The Rock later won the Corporate Championship and faced Stone Cold in the WrestleMania main match.


Yokozuna, a wrestler from the Anoa’i family, won his first WWE Championship against Bret Hart at WrestleMania 9 on April 9, 1993, less than a year into his time with the company. His rule lasted little more than a few minutes when Hulk Hogan overcame him in an obvious display of backstage scheming.

Brock Lesnar

After making his WWE debut in March 2002, Lesnar swept through the company’s roster in an unprecedentedly short period of time. He went on to win the King of the Ring competition and earn a title battle against The Rock at Summerslam on August 25. Just a few weeks after turning 25 years old, he made history by becoming the youngest WWE Champion.

Randy Orton 

On August 15, 2004, Randy Orton defeated Chris Benoit to win the World Heavyweight Championship, maybe in part as a result of Lesnar’s unexpected exit from the organization following WrestleMania 20. In the following 16 years, he would hold the belt for another 13 times, but only for four weeks. It is unlikely that anyone will surpass his record.

Randy Orton24 years, 4 months, 20 days
Brock Lesnar25 years, 1 month, 19 days
Yokozuna26 years, 6 months, 8 days
The Rock 26 years, 6 months, 20 days
The Undertaker26 years, 8 months, 10 days

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