La Liga stats: Top 10 players with the most number of Red Cards

It is not a secret that the Spanish League or La Liga is regarded as one of the most physical and toughest leagues in world football and players have throughout their careers put everything on the field which led them to get booked and punished eventually. There are several players who have caught the eye of several fans for their aggressive displays on the pitch.

But the fans have always taken these players into their hearts with open arms because everything they do on the pitch is for the crest they are playing for. Some of them have also developed a bad impression which has also led to getting titles as the butcher of football and has been criticized throughout their life but that’s what makes football the beautiful sport it is.

Here’s a list of players who will forever be remembered as the most aggressive players in the history of the Spanish League:

It would come as a shock to many fans that Real Madrid legend Fernando Hierro, who also coached Spain at the 2018 FIFA World Cup is on this infamous list of getting booked many times in La Liga. He played a total of 497 La Liga games during his illustrious career, with the majority of games coming under Real Madrid. The famous was known for his strength and ability to intercept the play dispossessing forwards plenty of times and in the process also received 15 red cards in La Liga. He is the player to have received the most direct red cards in La Liga history which is 9 times.

Another player who played for Real Betis named Juanito, having represented his team for a total of 312 La Liga games during his 17-year-long career was also among the roughest players in the league amassing about 16 red cards. He won a couple of trophies with Betis: the 2004-05 Copa Del Rey and also won the 2009-10 UEFA Europa League with Atletico Madrid.

One name that probably every fan would have guessed to be on the top of the list is surely the Galactico former captain Sergio Ramos, who to this day holds the record of receiving the most La Liga red cards and also has the most number of goals by a defender in the league. He has seen red on 20 occasions despite being regarded as one of the greatest defenders who have mastered the art of defending.

Here is the list ranking the top 10 players:

RankPlayerNo. of Red Cards
1Sergio Ramos20
2Xavi Aguado18
3Pablo Alfaro18
5Patxi Salinas15
7Alberto Lopo14
8Fernando Hierro14
9Carlos Marchena13
10Mauricio Pochettino13

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