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Fantasy Premier League: What Is FPL Cup And How Does It Work?

The Fantasy Premier League Cup operates as a knockout-style tournament that runs alongside the traditional FPL format. It’s a secondary contest within FPL, structured as a knockout tournament where participants compete head-to-head. Qualifying for the FPL Cup randomly pairs managers against opponents, with those scoring more points (minus transfer hits) advancing to the next rounds, while those who lose are eliminated from the competition.

This makes the FPL Cup a potentially short-lived experience for some managers, with half of the participants exiting in the initial round, leading to subsequent eliminations until a sole winner remains by Gameweek 38.

Participants are drawn randomly to face each other, and the Cup’s start date is determined by the number of FPL teams involved in the overall competition, intended to conclude by Gameweek 38. In the 2023/24 season, with around 10 million FPL participants, the first round of the FPL Cup begins in Gameweek 15, with 8,388,608 managers progressing based on their Gameweek 14 scores.

The FPL Cup spans from Gameweek 15 to Gameweek 38, comprising 23 rounds in the 2023/24 season, yet only two managers will remain engaged throughout the entire tournament. The format demands tactical strategy and foresight, with participants navigating multiple head-to-head matchups until the final in Gameweek 38.

The number of rounds and start date for each Cup competition depends upon the number of participants; for instance, if there are just two participants, the first round occurs in Gameweek 38, while with four teams, it starts in Gameweek 37, and so forth.

Transfer hits, similar to the regular FPL competition, count against the Gameweek score in FPL Cup matches. In the case of tied scores between opponents, tie-breakers are determined by the number of goals scored, goals conceded in their defensive line, and if necessary, a random virtual coin toss to decide the outcome.

FPL Cup winners and runners-up receive prizes from Official FPL for their achievements in the competition.

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