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EPL stats: Which clubs have conceded the most last-minute winners in Premier League?

There is nothing more painful in football than to throw the game away in the dying seconds of the match. It takes so much effort for a club to gain momentum and establish their place in the game. When the teams are clinging on for a result, the pressure starts to creep in. With the crowd getting on their backs, the players get deep in the penalty box and try to clear the ball away more than create chances in the opposite end.

With the backs against their own goal, all eleven players on the pitch focus more on holding on to the result at the hand. In such a pressure-filled situation, conceding a late goal can demoralise a team more than one can imagine. All their hard work in the game would go for nothing if they end up losing the match because of that goal. Some teams have historically been on the receiving end of conceding late goals than others. It is those clubs that will be analysed in depth in this article.

Which club has conceded the most last-minute winners in Premier League?

The club that conceded the maximum number of last-minute winners in the Premier League is Tottenham Hotspur. The North London outfit has conceded 26 such late goals in EPL, according to Opta Analyst. It is an extremely hard thing to digest for a side to concede late winners. After putting in so much effort to keep the scores level for such a long period of time, nothing hurts more than conceding a late goal that costs them the game.

Tottenham Hotspur supporters have unfortunately lived through many such painful moments in the Premier League. To be on the receiving end of those late winners can hurt the fanbase massively. It will undoubtedly be a hard thing for a player or a supporter to swallow. Followed closely second in the list is Aston Villa by conceding 24 late winners. Villa have been a regular in the Premier League like Spurs, hence it is hard to imagine how their supporters would have reacted to those setbacks.

Which are the other clubs in the list?

Everton and West Ham United have conceded 20 late winners each in the Premier League. Defending champions Manchester City have conceded 19 late winners, while Newcastle United have let in 16 such goals. Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have each conceded 14 late winners. This shows that even the big clubs go through several painful moments in the division. Check out the table below to find out which clubs have conceded the maximum number of last-minute winners in the Premier League.

SL No.ClubTotal
1Tottenham Hotspur26
2Aston Villa24
4West Ham United20
6Manchester City19
7Leicester City17
8Newcastle United16
12Crystal Palace14

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