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Why is Khamzat Chimaev called ‘Borz’’? What is the reason behind his nickname?

Khamzat Chimaev improved to 13-0 with a majority decision victory over Kamaru Usman in the co-main event of UFC 294 at Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi. Chimaev wasted little time in going to work. In the early stages of the fight, he aimed for a single leg.

While Usman initially resisted effectively, Chimaev persisted and knocked the Nigerian Nightmare to the ground. From then, he dominated the round, spending the majority of it on Usman’s back and threatening with submissions.

The victory just adds to Chimaev’s fame. The only thing that can beat the Dagestani grappler at this point is the scale. Borz was on his way to a welterweight title chance when he missed weight by 7.5 pounds for a bout against Nate Diaz until an opponent change (Kevin Holland) and a catchweight (180 pounds) were agreed upon.

Regardless, Chimaev has found a new home at middleweight, and his victory over Usman shown that he can handle the weight. Usman is presently on a three-fight losing run, including two losses to Leon Edwards, but he had five consecutive welterweight championship defenses prior to that.

According to the latest information, Chimaev will no longer represent Sweden and has moved his nationality to the UAE. Several fans may be aware that the unbeaten UFC star has ancestors from Chechnya in Russia. Similarly, most admirers are aware that he goes by the pseudonym ‘Borz.’ However, many of them may be unaware of what it signifies or what drew Chimaev to the ‘Borz’ moniker he utilizes in his UFC career.

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Why is Khamzat Chimaev called “Borz”?

Chimaev’s moniker demonstrates his strong attachment to his homeland. The name ‘Borz’ translates to ‘wolf’ in Chechen, which is Chimaev’s native language. The wolf denotes courage, power, and devotion in Chechen tradition. It is also the national animal of the area. Fans may agree that Chimaev’s battle style reflects various wolf features. In the octagon, he dominates his opponents with his wrestling and hitting abilities. Chimaev, like wolves, is always on the lookout to ‘kill somebody,’ as he puts it.

Surprisingly, Chimaev did not choose the name himself. Andreas Michael, Chimaev’s coach, gave him the nickname ‘Borz’ after watching his training sessions. But why did he give his pupil this name? Michael once said that the 29-year-old’s ferocity and aggression made him seem like a wolf. Many people would agree with such an assessment after seeing his performances in the cage. Is there, however, another explanation behind the nickname?

Most fans are aware that Chimaev was born in 1994. It was the same year that Russia invaded his native Chechnya. As a result, different armed Chechen militias were formed to oppose the Russian army. Borz is also the term given to any makeshift submachine weapons manufactured in Chechnya between 1992 and 1999.

During the First and Second Chechen Wars, Chechen rebels utilized these weapons against Russian soldiers. However, considering that Chimaev’s moniker was given by his Swedish coach, it’s difficult to image him having the ‘Borz’ firearms in the back of his mind while calling Chimaev.