Who has the most finishes in the light heavyweight division in UFC?

The Light Heavyweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is renowned for its explosive knockouts and dynamic fights making it one of the most exciting weight classes in mixed martial arts. Within the light heavyweight division, there are fighters who have showcased their ability to finish fights with unmatched ferocity and skill. These fighters have showcased some of the most electrifying finishes in MMA history. Glover Teixeira, Ovince Saint Preux, Jon Jones, Chuck Liddell, and Mauricio Rua have each contributed to this legacy in their own unique ways. Glover Teixeira’s 13 finishes highlight his knockout power and aggressive fighting style. While Ovince Saint Preux’s 11 finishes showcase his versatility and ability to adapt in the heat of battle.

Glover Teixeira

Glover Teixeira is a Brazilian powerhouse. He stands atop the list with an impressive 13 finishes in the Light Heavyweight division. Teixeira’s aggressive striking and well-rounded skills have made him a feared presence inside the octagon. One of Teixeira’s most memorable finishes came in 2014 when he faced Ryan Bader. Teixeira showcased his striking power by knocking out Bader in the first round with a barrage of punches. This victory not only demonstrated Teixeira’s finishing ability but also solidified his status as a top contender in the division.

Ovince Saint Preux

Ovince Saint Preux is often referred to as “OSP.” He has showcased his versatility by amassing 11 finishes in the Light Heavyweight division. Known for his athleticism and unorthodox techniques, OSP has consistently provided fans with exciting and unexpected finishes. One of Saint Preux’s most remarkable finishes came in 2016 when he faced Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. In a stunning upset, OSP delivered a devastating knockout victory with a left-high kick. This finish highlighted his ability to capitalize on openings and quickly turn the tide of a fight.

Jon Jones

Jon Jones is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. He boasts 10 finishes in the Light Heavyweight division. With his unique striking style and exceptional grappling skills. Jones has dominated the division with an unmatched level of precision. One of Jones’s most significant finishes came in 2011 when he faced Lyoto Machida for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Jones utilized his unorthodox striking and secured a standing guillotine choke, forcing Machida to submit in the second round. This finish showcased Jones’s ability to adapt and capitalize on his opponent’s weaknesses.

Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell is a UFC Hall of Famer. He has left an enduring legacy in the Light Heavyweight division with his nine finishes. Known for his iconic mohawk and explosive knockout power, Liddell has been responsible for some of the most memorable knockouts in MMA history. One of Liddell’s most memorable finishes came in 2006 when he faced Tito Ortiz in their highly anticipated rematch. Liddell delivered a thunderous right hook, knocking out Ortiz in the third round and avenging a previous loss. This finish solidified Liddell’s status as one of the division’s most feared knockout artists.

Mauricio Rua

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He has secured eight finishes in the division. Known for his aggressive fighting style and well-rounded skills, Rua has consistently sought to finish his opponents in spectacular fashion. One of Rua’s most significant finishes came in 2015 when he faced James Te Huna. Rua showcased his striking prowess by knocking out Te Huna in the first round with a series of devastating punches. This finish demonstrated Rua’s ability to capitalize on openings and quickly end fights.

SL No.FighterFinishes
1.Glover Teixeira13
2.Ovince Saint Preux11
3.Jon Jones10
4.Chuck Liddell9
5.Mauricio Rua8
6.Paul Craig7
7.Alexander Gustafsson 7
8.Anthony Smith7
9.Nikita Krylov7
10.Jan Blachowicz7

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