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Pervis Estupinan Contract 2024: Know everything about his contract length and salary

Pervis Estupinan made his debut for the Ecuador national team on October 13, 2019, in a friendly encounter against Argentina, which ended with a 6-1 defeat. Further, on November 14, he was named in Ecuador’s 26-man squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, alongside then Brighton teammates Jeremy Sarmiento and Moises Caicedo. Pervis Estupinan, born on January 21, 1998, is a professional footballer from Ecuador, playing as a left-back for Brighton & Hove Albion and representing the Ecuador national team. Hailing from Esmeraldas, Estupinan started his football odyssey at the youth academy of LDU Quito in 2011, at the age of 13.

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His career took a notable turn on July 29, 2016, when he joined Watford in the Premier League, immediately going on loan spells with Granada CF and subsequently with UD Almeria in Spain’s Segunda Division. Subsequently, on August 9, 2018, Estupinan secured a one-year loan deal with RCD Mallorca in the second division, followed by another stint with La Liga side CA Osasuna. A key moment in his career arrived on September 16, 2020, as Estupinan signed a seven-year contract with Villarreal for an initial fee of £15 million.

On August 16, 2022, Estupinan joined Premier League club Brighton & Hove Albion, signing a five-year deal. His debut for Brighton occurred four days later, as he entered the field as a substitute for Adam Lallana during a 2-0 away win against West Ham. Marking his first start on August 27, Estupinan contributed to Brighton’s 1-0 home victory over Leeds. Continuing with impressive and consistent performances, Estupinan made significant contributions in many matches, with assists, goals, and consistent displays, thus playing a key role within the team.

NamePervis Estupinan
DOB21 January 1998
Domestic teamsBrighton & Hove Albion
LDU de Quito
Contract detailsBrighton (Present-2027)

Early life

Pervis Estupinan is from Esmeraldas, Ecuador, Pervis Estupinan was born on January 21, 1998. While specifics regarding his childhood and upbringing are not yet known, it’s known that Estupinan showcased his interest and promise in football at an early age. He became a part of LDU Quito’s youth academy at just 13 years old, indicating an early interest and potential for the sport, with him joining the LDU Quito’s youth system in 2011.

Playing style

Pervis Estupinan is a modern full-back, known for his dynamic attacking skills alongside defensive reliability. Estupinan shows a proactive approach as a full-back, frequently going forward to support the attack and overlap with wingers. His exceptional work rate and athleticism enables him to consistently move up and down the flank. A key of Estupinan’s game is his good accuracy at delivering crosses. He can whip in dangerous balls from various positions, whether from deep areas or short cutbacks, hence creating scoring opportunities for his teammates within the box.

Despite his attacking skillset, Estupinan shows commendable defensive stability. He displays strength in tackles and utilizes his pace and physicality to recover possession and stop opposing attacks. Estupinan has strong positional awareness and shows a strong understanding of the game’s dynamics. This enables him to fulfill his defensive responsibilities effectively while continuously posing an offensive threat.

What are Pervis Estupinan’s contract details?

His contract runs till 2027, as reported by different sources. The contract between Estupinan and Brighton was first signed in August, 2022. It will expire in the summer of 2027.

What is Pervis Estupinan’s contract duration?

  • Brighton & Hove Albion (2022-present)

How much Pervis Estupinan is getting paid?

Pervis Estupinan currently earns 2.6 million pounds per year playing for Brighton. His contract expires in the summer of 2027.

What is Pervis Estupinan’s past contracts?

Pervis Estupinan’s professional career has been highlighted by a series of transfers and loan spells. Currently, he is playing for Brighton & Hove Albion, having joined the club on August 16, 2022, with a contract set to expire on June 30, 2027, reportedly for a fee of €17.8 million. Prior to Brighton, Estupinan spent time at Villarreal CF from 2020 to 2022. His earlier years included loan stints at various clubs, including CA Osasuna and RCD Mallorca, both in the 2019-2020 and 2018-2019 seasons, respectively. Additionally, he was loaned to UD Almeria during the 2017-2018 season. Estupinan joined Watford in 2017, he was initially signed from Udinese, but was loaned out, marking the beginning of his loan journey. Estupinan started his career with LDU Quito in Ecuador.

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