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Tony Khan still haven’t forgiven Jack Perry for the infamous incident happened at AEW

Tony Khan is yet to forgive an AEW star, more than 6 months after the iconic event that sparked the controversy. With a series of purported problematic backstage occurrences in 2023, the most serious happened inside Wembley Stadium during the first All In pay-per-view. As seen during the pre-show, Jack Perry tapped the window of a car parked on the stage and said, “You know what this is?” Real glass. “Go cry me a river” directed at the camera.

The term referred to a previously reported incident in which Perry tried to use real glass to write off TV but was stopped by CM Punk. Perry was approached by Punk, who was scheduled to be next on the main show, as he made his way backstage following his match. Khan confirmed the confrontation during the post-show news conference.

Just over a week later, CM Punk was publicly sacked from AEW, one day before the All Out pay-per-view, which was scheduled to air live in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. Tony Khan indicated that he worried for his safety at All In and had no other option.

A few months later, CM Punk returned to wrestling, this time at WWE’s Survivor Series. Despite Punk’s departure and the conclusion of the probe, Perry did not appear on AEW TV. Instead, the former Tag Team Champion would make his surprise NJPW debut at Battle in the Valley, subsequently joining forces with House of Torture.

Perry has not appeared for AEW since All In and is now on the NJPW roster, therefore several suspected that Perry was also released, but much more discreetly than Punk’s exit was handled.

Tony Khan “mad” at Jack Perry as it “cost” him CM Punk

Dave Meltzer claimed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Perry has not been fired, but Tony Khan remains upset with Perry and believes he is completely responsible for AEW’s loss of Punk. Meltzer talked about how angry Tony Khan was and why.

Meltzer said, ““He has absolutely not been fired, but they’re not using him. Essentially, Tony is really mad at him because he cost him CM Punk, so he’s getting the blame. He probably should have been suspended for a month or two. Where are we at? Seven months now? It’s ridiculous. Punishment doesn’t fit the crime at this point. I mean, it’s like it’s his fault because the other guy lost his mind?”

Now CM Punk with WWE, it actually doesn’t matter what Tony Khan thinks but still Tony would miss the business CM Punk could have brought.

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