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Matt Hardy’s Surprise WWE Raw Visit Raises Eyebrows Amidst Contract Situation

AEW star Matt Hardy made a cameo at the latest WWE Raw which raised some prompting speculations within the wrestling community. His return to the WWE Raw show amidst the contract situation makes it more interesting for the wrestling community as if he might return during WrestleMania. Usually, wrestlers often migrate from WWE to AEW to seek more creative freedom and liberty.

Despite all the rumors and speculations, insiders revealed that there have been no talks between Hardy and WWE as of now. Hardy is currently signed with AEW and any talks with WWE could lead to some serious legal issues. Ongoing chat between AEW suggests that Hardy’s Raw visit might have been an accidental or personal choice or maybe it’s a part of a bigger plan.

Michael Cole’s Mention of The Hardy Boyz Strikes a Chord

During the Raw, Michael Cole mentioned The Hardy Boyz stirring up memories of their epic past battles in the WWE. Later, Reby Hardy wife of Matt Hardy couldn’t stop herself from sharing the moment on social media showing that it was noticed and appreciated.

Some sources even suggest that Hardy and his family were invited to a Raw event by a friend who had a suite at the PNC Arena. Hardy made the most of this unexpected visit by catching up with some old friends backstage and having some quality time. It was easy for him to show up at Raw as he lives close to Raleigh.

Matt Hardy’s surprise appearance on Raw had fans intrigued and waiting for some more positive news in the future which adds an extra layer of excitement to wrestling fans. He caught everyone off with his move as everyone saw how wrestlers usually head to AEW from WWE.

Matt Hardy’s WWE Stopover Amid AEW Talks Raises Questions

Many wrestlers have left WWE for AEW for various reasons such as creative issues or contractual issues. AEW’s platform has been quite creative and innovative with its storytelling which adds quite a bit of fresh air for many in the wrestling industry. Despite all the gossip and rumors, insiders report suggests that there have been no discussions or talks between Hardy and WWE as any misstep from any of them might lead to legal consequences for both. Hardy’s visit to Raw during the ongoing contract with AEW suggests that this might not have been as spontaneous as it seems.

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