Premier League stats: Players with the most win percentage in Premier League history

It goes without saying that Premier League is the most popular league in world club football. The popularity of the league extends to various corners of the globe, as many worship those teams and follow them passionately. However, the difficulty level of EPL is quite different from several other football leagues. There are no easy games in the English top division. Whether it is against the table toppers or those languishing at the relegation zone, there are no easy matches for any side.

Every club must give nothing less than 100 percent to get the win over a given opponent. This competitive nature is what makes the Premier League one of the best in world football. Taking into account the difficulty level of EPL, it become challenging for any one side to dominate the proceedings for a longer period. Still, some clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea or recently Manchester City and Liverpool have managed to stay above the rest on frequent basis.

There have been some players who have stayed long with these clubs and have cherished those glorious moments. Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson is one such player, who tops the list with most win percentage in Premier League era. Out of all the global stars to have graced this league over the years, not many would have anticipated to see the Brazilian shot-stopper at the top of the pile. He is not the only surprise package in the list, there are other unexpected names as well.

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Players with the most win percentage in Premier League era

Ederson benefitted largely from playing under Pep Guardiola’s management. The Brazilian goalkeeper joined Manchester City in 2017 – a year after Guardiola became the club’s manager. Since then, the club has achieved massive success, as they have gone on to win numerous trophies together. Ederson has been part of City’s all four Premier League titles under Guardiola. Being a part of such an illustrious period has certainly helped the shot-stopper.

However, it is interesting to note that Ederson did not win the most Premier League matches but he only has the most win percentage in EPL history for players who have made atleast 200 appearances in the league. As per the data provided by Opta Analyst, this top ten list also has five more Manchester City players. Take a look at the table to find out who are the privileged players to have made into this illustrious club.

Nemanja Vidic21114970.6%
David Silva30921469.3%
Kevin De Bruyne23316169.1%
Didier Drogba25417267.7%
Sergio Aguero27518667.6%
Patrice Evra27818767.3%
Mohamed Salah21514266%
Yaya Toure23015165.7%