Wrestling Stats: Countries that have won the Asian Wrestling Championships year-wise

Wrestling is a combat sport that utilizes grappling tactics such as throws, takedowns, pins, and submissions. It is a physically difficult sport that involves a significant level of strength, agility, and endurance. It is regarded as one of the oldest sports in human history and has been practiced for many years. Except for the 1900 Summer Olympics, which did not feature Greco-Roman wrestling on the schedule, wrestling has been a major component of the Olympic Games since they were first held in Athens in 1896. Both weight classes and freestyle wrestling were introduced in 1904. In 2004, the women’s freestyle competition made its first appearance.

Wrestling can be done in a variety of ways, such as freestyle, Greco-Roman, folkstyle, and others. Competitors can use their legs and arms to knock down their opponent and win points in freestyle wrestling. However, in Greco-Roman wrestling, contestants are only permitted to use their upper bodies, and attacking the opponent’s legs is not permitted. Folkstyle wrestling, which is popular in American high schools and colleges, is comparable to freestyle wrestling but has several unique rules and scoring methods.

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Asian Wrestling Championships

Asian Wrestling Championships is one of the most reputed continental wrestling tournaments which is held in Asia. The championship is presently held annually by the Asian Associated Wrestling Committee (AAWC). The tournament for the men first took place in 1979 in the Indian city of Jalandhar. In the early stages, the event was held both annually or biennially on an irregular basis. From 1983, the championships included the Greco-Roman wrestling that was conducted in Tehran, Iran. For the first time, the women’s event was staged in 1996 and since then, it has been a regular feature.

Countries that have won Asian Wrestling Championships year-wise

Iran has been the most dominant country in the history of the Asian Wrestling Championship, having won 222 gold, 89 silver, and 123 bronze medals. Iran has won the maximum number of team titles in the men’s Freestyle (29) and Greco Roman (14). South Korea is the second-best team in the Greco Roman wrestling after Iran, having claimed 10 team titles in the history

On the other hand, Japan is the most successful team in women’s freestyle wrestling with 16 team titles. After Japan, it is China that has the second-most titles in the women’s discipline with 8 overall titles. Besides these countries, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have collected 6 and 4 title wins, in the men’s Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling respectively. While India and Mongolia have claimed the overall title once in men’s freestyle and women’s wrestling, respectively. India’s win in the men’s freestyle was even more special for India as its capital New Delhi was also the host of the event.

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Let’s take a look at the countries that have won the Asian Wrestling Championships year-wise

Venue (Year)Men’s freestyleMen’s Greco-RomanWomen’s freestyle
Jalandhar, India (1979)Iran
Lahore, Pakistan (1981)Iran
Tehran, Iran (1983)IranIran
Mumbai, India (1987)IranJapan
Islamabad, Pakistan (1988)Iran
Oarai, Japan (1989)IranSouth Korea
New Delhi, India (1991)Iran
Tehran, Iran (1991)South Korea
Tehran, Iran (1992)IranSouth Korea
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (1993)Iran
Hiroshima, Japan (1993)South Korea
Manila, Philippines (1995)IranKazakhstan
Xiaoshan, China (1996)IranSouth KoreaJapan
Tehran, Iran (1997)IranSouth Korea
Taipei, Taiwan (1997)Japan
Tashkent, Uzbekistan (1999)UzbekistanUzbekistanJapan
Guilin, China (2000)Uzbekistan
Seoul, South Korea (2000)South KoreaJapan
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2001)IranIranChina
New Delhi, India (2003)IranIranJapan
Tehran, Iran (2004)Iran
Almaty, Kazakhstan (2004)Kazakhstan
Tokyo, Japan (2004)Japan
Wuhan, China (2005)IranSouth KoreaJapan
Almaty, Kazakhstan (2006)IranKazakhstanJapan
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (2007)IranIranChina
Jeju, South Korea (2008)JapanIranJapan
Pattaya, Thailand (2009)IranIranChina
New Delhi, India (2010)IranSouth KoreaChina
Tashkent, Uzbekistan (2011)UzbekistanIranJapan
Gumi, South Korea (2012)IranIranChina
New Delhi, India (2013)IndiaSouth KoreaChina
Astana, Kazakhstan (2014)IranKazakhstanJapan
Doha, Qatar (2015)IranIranJapan
Bangkok, Thailand (2016)IranIranChina
New Delhi, India (2017)IranIranJapan
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (2018)UzbekistanKazakhstanChina
Xi’an, China (2019)IranIranJapan
New Delhi, India (2020)IranIranJapan
Almaty, Kazakhstan (2021)IranIranMongolia
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (2022)IranKazakhstanJapan

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