Women’s European Volleyball Championship Stats: Nations that have dominated the event

The Women’s European Volleyball Championship, governed by the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV), is the top competition for European women’s national volleyball teams. Italy currently holds the title, having secured its third championship victory in 2021. The inaugural tournament, held in 1949, saw the participation of seven national teams.

For nearly five decades, Eastern European teams primarily dominated the Women’s European Volleyball Championship. The Soviet Union clinched the first European title and went on to win the following two editions in 1950 and 1951. Their reign continued from 1958 to 1979, where they secured seven consecutive European titles. A highlight of this period was their narrow 3-2 victory over Poland in the 1963 final.

The late 1980s saw the Soviet Union regain its status as a leader in volleyball, marked by triumphs in the Summer Olympics 1988 and the World Championships in 1990. They closed their chapter in the 1991 European Championship with an impressive record – 13 out of 17 European Championship titles, just five defeats in 116 matches, and a set ratio of 341:43.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia, its official successor, continued the legacy of dominance in Europe at the Women’s European Volleyball Championship. However, in 1995, the Netherlands broke the dominance with a 3-1 semifinal win over Russia and a 3-0 final victory against Croatia in Arnhem. This achievement was not just historic for the Netherlands, but it also signaled a shift in power within European volleyball. 

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Teams that have featured the most in the event

Russia is the nation which participated in all 32 editions of the event (including seventeen as the Soviet Union). Poland and Bulgaria have also been frequent contenders, with 31 and 30 participations, respectively, while the Netherlands has participated 29 times. For the first-time ever, Russia will not be competing in the upcoming tournament due to the conflict with Ukraine.

Nations that have dominated the Women’s European Volleyball Championship

Host/ Hosts (Year)ChampionsRunners-upScore3rd place
Czechoslovakia (1949)Soviet UnionCzechoslovakia3–0 (RR)Poland
Bulgaria (1950)Soviet UnionPoland3–0 (RR)Czechoslovakia
France (1951)Soviet UnionPoland3–0 (RR)Yugoslavia
Romania (1955)CzechoslovakiaSoviet Union3–2 (RR)Poland
Czechoslovakia (1958)Soviet UnionCzechoslovakia3–2 (RR)Poland
Romania (1963)Soviet UnionPoland3–2 (RR)Romania
Turkey (1967)Soviet UnionPoland3–0 (RR)Czechoslovakia
Italy (1971)Soviet UnionCzechoslovakia3–0 (RR)Poland
Yugoslavia (1975)Soviet UnionHungary3–0 (RR)East Germany
Finland (1977)Soviet UnionEast Germany3–0Hungary
France (1979)Soviet UnionEast Germany3–0 (RR)Bulgaria
Bulgaria (1981)BulgariaSoviet Union3–0 (RR)Hungary
East Germany (1983)East GermanySoviet Union3–2 (RR)Hungary
Netherlands (1985)Soviet UnionEast Germany3–0 (RR)Netherlands
Belgium (1987)East GermanySoviet Union3–2Czechoslovakia
West Germany (1989)Soviet UnionEast Germany3–1Italy
Italy (1991)Soviet UnionNetherlands3–0Germany
Czech Republic (1993)RussiaCzechoslovakia3–0Ukraine
Netherlands (1995)NetherlandsCroatia3–0Russia
Czech Republic (1997)RussiaCroatia3–0Czech Republic
Italy (1999)RussiaCroatia3–0Italy
Bulgaria (2001)RussiaItaly3–2Bulgaria
Turkey (2003)PolandTurkey3–0Germany
Croatia (2005)PolandItaly3–1Russia
Belgium / Luxembourg (2007)ItalySerbia3–0Russia
Poland (2009)ItalyNetherlands3–0Poland
Italy / Serbia (2011)SerbiaGermany3–2Turkey
Germany / Switzerland (2013)RussiaGermany3–1Belgium
Belgium / Netherlands (2015)RussiaNetherlands3–0Serbia
Azerbaijan / Georgia (2017)SerbiaNetherlands3–1Turkey
Hungary / Poland / Slovakia / Turkey (2019)SerbiaTurkey3–2Italy
Bulgaria / Croatia / Romania / Serbia (2021)ItalySerbia3–1Turkey

(Note- RR refers to Round Robin format.)

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