Men’s European Volleyball Championship Stats: List of past winners

The Men’s European Volleyball Championship, commonly known as EuroVolley, is the leading contest for Europe’s senior male volleyball teams. Organized by the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV), the championship has been held every two years since 1975. Italy currently holds the title, clinching its seventh win at the 2021 tournament.

History of the Event

The first-ever EuroVolley took place in 1948 with just six national teams, where Czechoslovakia took home the gold medal. The Eastern European teams dominated the early years of the championship, with the Soviet Union emerging as a powerhouse from 1950 to 1987 as they won nine straight European titles from 1967 to 1987. Vyacheslav Platonov, the Soviet Union’s coach, was a significant figure during this time as he guided the team to multiple European, World, and Olympic titles.

The Italian team brought an end to the Soviet Union’s dominance in 1989 under the guidance of Argentinian coach Julio Velasco. This marked the beginning of Italy’s rise to becoming a dominant force not just in the Men’s European Volleyball Championship but globally. Post-Soviet Union dissolution, teams like the Netherlands, FR Yugoslavia, Spain, and France also began to rise. The hosting of the event also evolved, with the 2019 championship co-hosted by four countries for the first time in the history of the event.

Successful Nations at the Event

Throughout the history of the Men’s European Volleyball Championship, nine different countries have lifted the trophy. Russia has the most titles, with 14 championships, twelve of which were won by the Soviet Union. The list is followed by Italy with seven titles, showing their dominance. The Czech Republic (as Czechoslovakia) and Serbia (once as FR Yugoslavia) have won three times each, while France, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Spain have each won a single championship. Italy and Russia have participated in the most tournaments, each appearing 31 times.

Format of the competition

The current competition format of the Men’s European Volleyball Championship includes a two-year-long qualification phase, which then leads to the European Championship finals. In this stage, 24 teams, including the host nation(s), aim to win the prestigious title. Italy’s recent win in the 2021 edition marked their first championship victory in 16 years.

List of all-winners at the Men’s European Volleyball Championship

With the CEV Men’s European Volleyball Championship 2023 set to take place from Aug 28 to Sept 16, 2023, let’s look at the countries that have previously won the event since its commencement.

Host (Year)ChampionsScoreRunners-up3rd place
Italy (1948)CzechoslovakiaRound-robin (3–0)FranceItaly
Bulgaria (1950)Soviet UnionRound-robin (3–0)CzechoslovakiaHungary
France (1951)Soviet UnionRound-robin (3–0)BulgariaFrance
Romania (1955)CzechoslovakiaRound-robin (3–1)RomaniaBulgaria
Czechoslovakia (1958)CzechoslovakiaRound-robin (3–1)RomaniaSoviet Union
Romania (1963)RomaniaRound-robin (3–0)HungarySoviet Union
Turkey (1967)Soviet UnionRound-robin (3–2)CzechoslovakiaPoland
Italy (1971)Soviet UnionRound-robin (0–3)CzechoslovakiaRomania
Yugoslavia (1975)Soviet UnionRound-robin (3–0)PolandYugoslavia
Finland (1977)Soviet Union3–1PolandRomania
France (1979)Soviet UnionRound-robin (3–0)PolandYugoslavia
Bulgaria (1981)Soviet UnionRound-robin (3–0)PolandBulgaria
East Germany (1983)Soviet UnionRound-robin (3–1)PolandBulgaria
Netherlands (1985)Soviet UnionRound-robin (3–0)CzechoslovakiaFrance
Belgium (1987)Soviet Union3–1FranceGreece
Sweden (1989)Italy3–1SwedenNetherlands
Germany (1991)Soviet Union3–0ItalyNetherlands
Finland (1993)Italy3–2NetherlandsRussia
Greece (1995)Italy3–2NetherlandsFR Yugoslavia
Netherlands (1997)Netherlands3–1FR YugoslaviaItaly
Austria (1999)Italy3–1RussiaFR Yugoslavia
Czech Republic (2001)FR Yugoslavia3–0ItalyRussia
Germany (2003)Italy3–2FranceRussia
Italy / Serbia and Montenegro (2005)Italy3–2RussiaSerbia and Montenegro
Russia (2007)Spain3–2RussiaSerbia
Turkey (2009)Poland3–1FranceBulgaria
Austria / Czech Republic (2011)Serbia3–1ItalyPoland
Denmark / Poland (2013)Russia3–1ItalySerbia
Bulgaria / Italy (2015)France3–0SloveniaItaly
Poland (2017)Russia3–2GermanySerbia
France / Slovenia / Belgium / Netherlands (2019)Serbia3–1SloveniaPoland
Poland / Czech Republic / Estonia / Finland (2021)Italy3–2SloveniaPoland

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