5 astonishing WWE statistics that do not seem real 

Some WWE facts may entirely change how you perceive the history of the company. When you start to properly examine the history of WWE statistics, you actually start to recognise that you likely harbor a lot of illusions about WWE. Don’t feel too bad about it, even though it’s possible that everything you think you know about WWE is false. The data from the WWE actually contains a significant amount of anomalies. Since WWE is not a sport, this may be the case, and its statistics only serve to further support this. Here are only five ridiculous WWE statistics. 

Matchups That Have Opened and Closed A PPV

You must first know that we’re not discussing matches from the same PPV in order to comprehend why this statistic is so unexpected. We’re talking about wrestler matches throughout the course of WWE history. For instance, the Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage match never served as the PPV’s opening act. In actuality, only three matches—Triple H vs. Randy Orton, The Undertaker vs. CM Punk, and John Cena vs. JBL—have ever been used by WWE as the first and last matches on a PPV. In actuality, The Undertaker and CM Punk began the following pay-per-view (Hell in a Cell 2009) after closing the previous one (Breaking Point 2009).

Broadcasted Matches Cesaro Lost As United States Champion 

Okay, so WWE fans are aware that WWE doesn’t always book champions as powerful champs. They particularly enjoy portraying heels as cowardly champions. Cesaro’s treatment as the WWE United States Champion, though, was particularly insulting. Cesaro lost an incredible 23 televised singles matches while he was the United States Champion. Yes, despite the fact that the WWE cameras captured him losing more than 20 times while he held the title, he still held the title of United States Champion. That booking is just dreadful in and of itself.

Wrestlers Who Fell Asleep During a Match

Fair enough, there is considerable disagreement as to the fact that this actually occurred. But most people think Andre the Giant is the only wrestler to have dozed off in the middle of a match. Andre the Giant was once held in a front facelock by Big John Studd for almost nine minutes. It was reportedly far more dull to actually be the target of such a maneuver than it would have been to watch the game as a spectator. Many people think Andre actually dozed off while Studd execute the maneuver. Since he managed to stay awake during the entire match, it is tougher for us to believe that.

Diamond Dallas Page Has Never Won a Raw Match

Diamond Dallas Page’s booking by WWE during the infamously terrible Invasion angle is well known to anyone who watched WWE at the time. Page was one of the greatest personalities to transition from WCW to WWE, despite the fact that he was rather elderly when he did so. But for whatever reason, WWE chose to book him as a second-class citizen. In actuality, during his entire tenure with the organization, DDP only ever won one Raw bout. WWE, you’re (probably) better than that, so come on. 

Jake Roberts Never Won a Championship

One of the best wrestlers of all time is Jake the Snake Roberts. If you can think of another wrestler in history who has ever managed to sound so genuinely nasty, go back and watch some of his older promos and let us know. Despite Jake’s several successes, WWE reportedly never thought he was deserving of a championship. Jake never won a championship during his time in WWE, which is hard to believe considering he never even got a token run as Tag Team Champion.

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