IPL stats: Royal Challengers Bangalore’s NRR record over the years an absolute horror show

On Thursday, April 6, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) absolutely hammered Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in match 9 of the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Eden Gardens. The men in purple were put into bat first and after being at a perilous spot after scoring only 89 runs for the loss of five wickets in the 12th over. However, an incredible partnership between Shardul Thakur and Rinku Singh got the Gardens to their feet as their knights battled through to a whopping 204 in 20 overs. RCB started the chase well, but they could not have expected what was coming their way. On a track that always has been friendlier to pacers, Sunil Narine, Varun Chakravarthy and debutante Suyash Sharma stole the show as they picked nine out of 10 wickets to bowl the Challengers out for a mere 123.

And here we are once again, looking at RCB on the points table with the same old thought in our heads. When will these guys ever get it right? The Challengers have this habit of somehow recording one of the worst net run rates (NRR) of any team in a season, season after season, and they’ve done it again. RCB dropped to 7th after the match and their NRR is now a woeful -1.256. This is not something new and RCB fans are probably used to it by this point. Out of the 15 seasons in the IPL, RCB’s net run rate was less than 0 in 11. Let’s have a look at a season by season breakdown of the serial underachievers’ shambolic record.


The inaugural season of the IPL saw RCB get absolutely thrashed into oblivion by one Brendon McCullum, way back in 2008. That one loss pretty much damaged any hope of building a decent NRR for the rest of the season as they finished with -1.160. 2009 was a better year as the Challengers reached the final and finished third on the table, but the NRR was -0.191. 2010 was the Challenger’s first year with a positive run rate, recording +0.219. They seemed to build on that in the 2011 season as the men in red finished top of the table (still didn’t win the trophy) with a healthy run rate of 0.+326. However, it was back to the negatives in 2012 as RCB recorded a NRR of -0.022 and finished fifth.

YearNRRLeague Position

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In 2013, RCB had a positive run rate of +0.457 but could only finish in fifth place on the table. If the 2013 NRR could be seen as a success, then 2014 was a complete U-turn. The Challengers finished second to last and only had a run rate of -0.428. The 2015 season saw a massive improvement in that statistic as the men in red recorded +1.037 and finished 3rd. The following year was decent was with +0.932 and second place, but 2017 was a disaster. The men in red were plum last, recording a poor NRR of -1.299.

YearNRRLeague Position

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RCB’s run-rate woes calmed down in 2018 as the team recorded +0.129 but finished 6th. Things went bad once again in the next season as they could only manage -0.607 and finished last for the second time in their history. They might have been in the top four in 2020 but their NRR wasn’t great at all at 0.-172. 2021 was a similar story as RCB had a run rate of -0.140 but finished in third place. The 2022 season was bad yet again as the Challengers recorded -0.572 and finished 5th.

YearNRRLeague Position