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World Team Championships 2024: Twitter Reacts on Ayhika Mukherjee’s stunning victory against the world’s top player, Sun Yingsha

The Indian women’s table tennis team lost to China, the number one seed, 2-3 during their opening match at the World Team Championships in Busan last Friday. What caught everyone’s attention was Ayhika Mukherjee’s stunning victory against the world’s top player, Sun Yingsha. With scores of 21-10, 2-11, 13-11, and 11-6, Mukherjee surprised the table tennis world. Her unique pimpled rubber-playing style on her forehand gave Sun a tough time.

Ranked 155th, Mukherjee played with boldness and impressed everyone as she secured an unexpected win. Known for her outgoing nature, Mukherjee made news the previous year for winning an Asian Games bronze in women’s doubles with Sutirtha Mukherjee, even defeating the world champions on their turf.

Following her recovery from a potentially career-ending lower back injury, her international career has taken off within the last 18 months. At the age of 26, Mukherjee brilliantly overcame her well-regarded competitor Yingsha with her strong forehand attack. She cleverly saved three game points to take the first game 12-10.

Though Sun comfortably won the second game at 11-2 and was leading in the third by 9-5, Mukherjee didn’t give up and clinched the game at 13-11. She then secured the fourth game by winning five points straight from a 6-6 tie. This marked Yingsha’s first-time team event loss at the World Championships, based on World Table Tennis (WTT) records.

What added to the sweetness of the win, Mukherjee’s dad, Gautam, mentioned, was that Sun had never been beaten in a team event at the world championships before. “I feel great. Today was my day. I was sure of myself and just focused on enjoying the game,” Mukherjee said after her win.

India’s top player Manika Batra, ranked 36th, didn’t stand much of a chance against the world’s fourth-ranked Wang Manyu, losing in four games. After the score was tied at 1-1, 49th-ranked Sreeja Akula played remarkably well. She showed skill in both offense and defense, stunning Wang Yidi, the world’s second-ranked player, in straight games with 11-7, 11-9 and 13-11 victories.

Expectations were high for Manika’s match against Yingsha in the fourth game, but inconsistencies allowed the Chinese star to secure the game in four rounds. In the fifth and final match, Mukherjee faced Wang Manyu again, but this time the Chinese world No. 4 player completed the game in three straight sets against Mukherjee. Looking ahead, the Indian women’s team is set to play their next match against Hungary this coming Sunday at 1:30 pm IST.

How did Twitter react to Ayhika Mukherjee’s storm?

Twitter users were delighted to witness the competition between Ayhika Mukherjee and Sun Yingsha. The Indian table tennis player displayed impressive abilities and power to secure the victory. Her skills and knowledge caught everyone off guard. Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of excitement from people on social media. They expressed their joy over the victory and the thrilling match. Listed below are the top Twitter reactions:

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