Swimming Stats: Indian national records in Swimming

Swimming has experienced a gradual rise in popularity and substantial growth in India. The establishment of the Swimming Federation of India (SFI) in 1948 marked a significant milestone, as it played a crucial role in promoting and governing the sport by organizing national championships and sending teams to international competitions.

In the early years, Indian swimmers faced challenges, including limited access to top-notch training facilities and coaching expertise. However, they started making their mark globally. An example is Mihir Sen, who became the first Asian to conquer the English Channel in 1952, completing the swim in the fourth-fastest time.Indian swimmers have achieved notable successes over the years. In the 1980s and 1990s, athletes like Khazan Singh and Nisha Millet brought recognition to Indian swimming by winning medals at esteemed events like the Asian Games and Commonwealth Games.

Later, swimmers such as Virdhawal Khade, Sandeep Sejwal, and Sajan Prakash emerged, representing India at prestigious competitions like the Olympics, World Championships, and Asian Games, and brought medals and established national records. At the Tokyo Olympics 2020, swimmers Sajan Prakash and Srihari Nataraj became the first Indian swimmers to qualify in the event by breaching the automatic qualification mark in their respective events.

What are the Indian national records in Swimming?

A new generation of swimmers have risen with the likes of Srihari Nataraj, Maana Patel, Apeksha Fernandes, Chahat Arora, Siva Sridhar, Advait Page, Aryan Nehra, and many more, continuing the legacy. They are on their way to script history for the nation at the international level and already started making a mark. We will now take a look at the Indian national records in the swimming sport.

Indian national records in Swimming

EventSwimmer (s) and Timings (Men’s)Event (Year)Swimmer (s) and Timings (Women’s)Event (Year)
50m freestyleVirdhawal Khade – 22.43Asian Games 2018Shikha Tandon – 26.37Malaysian Open Championships 2008
100m freestyleVirdhawal Khade – 49.47Commonwealth Youth Games 2008Shikha Tandon – 57
200m freestyleSajan Prakash – 1:49.73Sette Colli Trophy 2021Shivani Kataria – 2:04.34Asian Age Group Championships 2015
400m freestyleKushagra Rawat – 3:52.75NSW State Championships 2020Richa Mishra – 4:25.76Indian Championships November 2011
800m freestyleAdvait Page – 8:00.76Singaporean Championships 2019Risha Mishra – 9:06.31Indian Championships November 2011
1500m freestyleAdvait Page – 15:23.66Fran Crippen Swim Meet of Champions 2021Malavika Vishwanath – 17:32.85World Junior Championships 2015
50m backstrokeSrihari Nataraj – 25.18Belgrade Trophy 2021Maana Patel – 29.3Asian Age Group Championships 2015
100m backstrokeSrihari Nataraj – 53.77Sette Colli Trophy 2021Maana Patel – 1:03.77Belgrade Trophy 2021
200m backstrokeSrihari Nataraj – 2:01.70World Junior Championships 2019Palak Joshi – 2:18.90Mare Nostrum 2022
50m breaststrokeSandeep Sejwal – 27.59Singapore Championships 2018Chahat Arora – 33.62Indian Championships 2021
100m breaststrokeSandeep Sejwal – 1:00.97Asian Age Group Championships 2009Chahat Arora – 1:14.42Thailand Open Championships 2020
200m breaststrokeSandeep Sejwal – 2:12.02Asian Age Group Championships 2009Apeksha Fernandes – 2:38.05South Asian Games 2019
50m butterflyVirdhawal Khade – 24.09Asian Games 2018Divya Satija – 28.33Indian Championships 2019
100m butterflyVirdhawal Khade – 52.77Asian Age Group Championships 2009Astha Choudhury – 1:02.71Indian Junior Championships 2021
200m butterflySajan Prakash – 1:56.38Sette Colli Trophy 2021Richa Mishra – 2:18.66Asian Age Group Championships 2007
200m individual medleySiva Sridhar – 2:05.43Khelo India University Games 2022Richa Mishra – 2:23.62Indian Championships 2010
400m individual medleyAdvait Page – 4:27.41Southern Zone South Sectional Championships 2021Richa Mishra – 4:59.17Indian Championships 2018
4 × 100 m freestyle relayRelay Team (Srihari Nataraj, Shylaja Anilkumar, Sajan Prakash, Virdhawal Khade) – 3:23.72 (50.68, 51.28, 51.37, 50.39)Indian Championships 2023Rujuta Khade, Maana Patel, Divya Satija, Shivani Kataria – 4:00.76Asian Age Group Championships 2019
4 × 200 m freestyle relayRelay Team (Aaron D’Souza, Sajan Prakash, Neil Himanshu Contractor, Saurabh Sangvekar) – 7:34.50 (1:51.67, 1:53.45, 1:54.29, 1:55.09)Asian Age Group Championships 2019Shivangi Sarma, Swarna Harith, Kenisha Gupta, Khushi Dinesh – 8:53.73Asian Age Group Championships 2019
4 × 100 m medley relayRelay Team (Srihari Nataraj, Sandeep Sejwal, Sajan Prakash, Aaron D’Souza) – 3:44.94 (56.31, 1:04.03, 53.43, 51.17)Asian Games 2014Maana Patel, Chahat Arora, Divya Satija, Shivani Kataria – 4:26.69Asian Age Group Championships 2019

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