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Swimming records that have not been bettered since Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo

Swimming is the act of moving across water. Swimming as a sport has calming effects on the mind in addition to the body. Swimming may even be prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of asthma, back pain, or joint pain. Swimming, as a sport, is practiced all over the world and is even a major sport in North America, Europe, Australia, and several Asian countries. However,  competitive swimming is not the same as recreational swimming. 

One of the most popular Olympic sports is competitive swimming. Every modern Summer Olympic Games has included the sport.  After athletics, Swimming has the second most number of medal-contested disciplines at the Summer Olympics. It includes a variety of events such as butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and individual medley. In addition, relay events also take place at the Olympics.

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At the postponed Tokyo Olympics 2020 held in Tokyo, Japan, the United States topped the overall medal tally with an overall 30 medals, comprising 11 gold, 10 silver, and 9 bronze medals. Australia and Great Britain ended their campaign by securing second and third position in the medal table with 21 and 8 medals, respectively. A total of 27 Olympics and 6 World records were shattered at the biggest multi-sporting event on the globe. Although it has been over two years since the conduction of the competition, a majority of these records remain untouched. Let’s take a look at these records.

Performances in sl no.AthleteMen/ WomenEventTiming
1Emma MckeonWomen50 m Freestyle23.81
2Emma MckeonWomen100 m Freestyle51.96
3Siobham HaugheyWomen100 m Freestyle52.27
4Kaylee MckeownWomen100 m Backstroke57.47
5Tatjana SchoenmakerWomen100 m Breaststroke1:04.82
6Lydia JacobyWomen100 m Breaststroke1:04.95
7Tatjana SchoenmakerWomen200 m Breaststroke2:18.95 (Current World Record)
8Lilly KingWomen200 m Breaststroke2:19.92
9Maggie MacneilWomen100 m Butterfly55.59
10Zhang YufeiWomen200 m Butterfly2:03.86
11Caeleb DresselMen50 m Freestyle21.07
12Evgeny RylovMen200 m Backstroke1:53.27
13Ryan MurphyMen200 m Backstroke1:54.15
14Adam PeatyMen100 m Breaststroke57.37
15Arno KammingaMen100 m Breaststroke57.80
16Caeleb DresselMen100 m Butterfly49.45 (Current World Record)
17Kristof MilakMen100 m Butterfly49.68
18Wang ShunMen200 m Individual Medley1:55.00

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