Swimmers who have held the World Record for the longest period in a long course

World Aquatics, originally known as the FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation), is the International Olympic Committee-recognized international federation in charge of international aquatics competitions. The 50-meter and 25-meter swimming pools are used for the competitions. The terms 25-meter and 50-meter relate to the length of the swimming pool. The number of lanes determines the width. Olympic-sized swimming pools contain ten lanes, each 2.5 meters wide, for a total width of 25 meters. 25-meter pools are referred to as short courses, whereas 50-meter pools are referred to as long courses.

So, what distinguishes a long course from a short course? A swimmer is swimming 50 meters in a long course pool. He jumps into the water and powers his way to the end of the wall. A swimmer who completes a 50-meter swim in a 25-meter short course pool can turn around and push off the wall after 25 meters by executing a tumble turn. He then swims an additional 25 meters to cover the entire distance. In practice, this implies that he swims the same distance with the benefit of pushing off the wall midway through the short course pool. The same swimmer can always achieve a quicker time in a short-course pool as opposed to a long-course pool.

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Swimmers who held the WR for the longest period in the 50 m Course (Long Course)

Now we know why a swimmer can achieve better timing in an event in a short-course pool than in a long-course pool. This also implies that breaking a record in a long course is a bit tougher than accomplishing the same in short course events. We will now take a look at the swimmers who have held the world record for the longest period in the long course competitions.

Mary T. MeagherWomen’s 200 m Butterfly1979 – 200020 Years, 315 Days
Michael PhelpsMen’s 400 m Individual Medley2002 – Counting20 Years, 156 Days
Janet EvansWomen’s 800 m Freestyle1988 – 200820 Years, 147 Days
Janet EvansWomen’s 1500 m Freestyle1987 – 200719 Years, 321 Days
Mary T. MeagherWomen’s 100 m Butterfly1980 – 199919 Years, 134 Days
Janet EvansWomen’s 400  m Freestyle1987 – 200618 Years, 143 Days
Michael PhelpsMen’s 200 m Butterfly2001 – 201918years, 116 Days
Petra SchneiderWomen’s 400 m Individual Medley1980 – 199717 Years, 197 Days
Krisztina EgerszegiWomen’s 200 m Backstroke1991 – 200816 Years, 175 Days
Federica PellegriniWomen’s 200 m Freestyle2008 – Counting14 Years, 160 Days
Dawn FraserWomen’s 100 m Freestyle1956 – 197114 Years, 150 Days

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