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WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results: Roman Reigns defends WWE Universal Championship at Royal Rumble

At the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns cemented his status as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion over a night full of thrilling events and fierce matchups. Fans were on the edge of their seats as Reigns defeated strong opponents in the main event of Fatal Four-Way.

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton vs AJ Styles vs LA Knight

Roman Reigns showed his fortitude and cunning throughout a difficult Fatal Four-Way battle against AJ Styles, LA Knight, and Randy Orton. The success of the Tribal Chief was not entirely his own doing; rather, his cousin Solo Sikoa was instrumental in making it happen. Sikoa’s well-placed intervention prevented any danger, guaranteeing that Reigns would keep the title.

There was fast-paced action throughout the contest as each fighter competed for the chance to overthrow Reigns. It looked like Randy Orton could win at one point, but Solo Sikoa’s intervention changed the fight’s trajectory. The audience was kept wondering by the unpredictable nature of Fatal Four-Way dynamics, which heightened the suspense around Reigns’ successful championship defense.

Winner: Roman Reigns

What Lies Ahead for the Tribal Chief

WrestleMania 40 approaches as Reigns revels in the triumph of yet another championship defense. As the Royal Rumble comes to an end, conjecture grows over who would fight Reigns on the biggest platform of them all. Will the Men’s Royal Rumble victor take advantage of the chance to challenge Reigns for the much sought-after title?

Women’s Royal Rumble

Star-studded, the Women’s Royal Rumble featured noteworthy entrants and well-timed eliminations. The fierce match between Jordynne Grace and Naomi, which highlighted the variety of skill levels in the women’s category, was one of the standout moments. Jade Cargill made her much-awaited in-ring debut in WWE at the Women’s Royal Rumble. The unexpected entries, such as Chelsea Green and Bayley, the eventual champion, raised the stakes in this exciting competition.

Winner: Bayley

Logan Paul vs Kevin Owens

Logan Paul battled Kevin Owens, a tough opponent, in a hard-hitting match for the US Championship. Unexpected disqualifications and outside meddling turned the contest into a contentious affair. Even though Paul won the title again, the events leading up to the finish had fans giddy with excitement about what may happen in the United States title scenario.

Winner: Logan Paul vis disqualification

Men’s Royal Rumble

A rollercoaster of emotions was experienced at the Men’s Royal Rumble, when surprising alliances, intense rivalries, and surprise entrants took center stage. Every phase of the match, from the intense confrontation between Omos and Bron Breakker to Pat McAfee’s startling self-elimination, added to its unpredictable aspect. Cody Rhodes ultimately prevailed over the opposition, earning a historic win and making his mark on Royal Rumble history. Cody won back-to-back Royal Rumble.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Once again, the Royal Rumble pay-per-view was an athletic, dramatic, and unpredictable show. The strong storylines running up to WrestleMania 40 were made possible by Roman Reigns’ successful title defense, Bayley’s victory in the women’s Royal Rumble, and Cody Rhodes’ tenacious victory in the men’s Royal Rumble. Anticipation for the developing storylines and possible confrontations on the biggest platform of sports entertainment grows as the WWE Universe considers the happenings of the previous night.

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