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WWE Raw secures blockbuster move to Netflix

WWE has made a ground-breaking announcement starting in January 2025, their flagship program, “WWE Raw,” will make a significant transition to Netflix. This strategy change is a substantial break from conventional linear television and a revolutionary long-term collaboration that not only takes the red brand program to the streaming behemoth. With a $5 billion contract spread over ten years, Netflix will become the official home of all weekly WWE shows, including the pinnacle of wrestling events, WrestleMania, for viewers outside of the United States.

WWE’s Mega Deal with Netflix

With its decision to team up with Netflix, WWE is embracing the digital streaming revolution and ushering in a new era in sports entertainment. The enormous five billion dollar agreement, which spans ten years, represents the streaming platform’s rise to prominence in providing top-notch wrestling programming. With this decision, WWE not only breaks with its current media rights deal with USA Network but also enters unknown terrain, saying goodbye to linear television after more than thirty years.

A worldwide home on the streaming service, “WWE Raw” will captivate viewers in the US, the UK, Canada, and Latin America as part of the massive Netflix collaboration. This denotes a deliberate extension of WWE’s global reach, with intentions to incorporate other nations in the future. With the addition of the exclusive rights to broadcast major events like WrestleMania, Netflix has become the go-to place for fans of professional wrestling across the globe. This includes the acquisition of all weekly WWE shows.

$500 Million Annually from Netflix Deal

WWE’s decision to switch to Netflix has enormous financial implications because the agreement is expected to bring in $500 million a year for the business. Comparing this to the existing agreement with USA Network, which is reportedly worth up to $260 million annually, is a significant step up. The exponential rise highlights the profound changes like media rights deals and solidifies WWE’s standing as a major power in the world of entertainment.

With its impending move to Netflix, WWE Raw is gearing up for a new chapter in its history, and this $5 billion agreement has the potential to completely transform the sports entertainment industry. The collaboration not only demonstrates the streaming behemoth’s superiority but also signals WWE’s audacious entry into the digital age. The Netflix-WWE partnership has the potential to drastically change how fans see the exciting world of professional wrestling by offering unmatched worldwide reach and financial benefits.

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