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Former WWE star Mandy Rose REVEALS a fans JAW-DROPPING spending on her fan-time content

Former WWE superstar Mandy Rose has left fans astonished after disclosing the eye-popping amount one devoted follower has shelled out on her exclusive content. Since she departed from WWE in December 2022, Rose has transitioned into a successful content creator, commanding a significant presence on platforms like FanTime.

In a recent episode of her Power Alphas podcast, Rose shared the staggering revelation, stating that an anonymous user had lavished over $50,000 on her content:

“I’ve had one person, I won’t say any names. [I had] One person on FanTime spend $55,000 on me. One person, $55,000. So in my head, I’m like, wow! What does he do for a living that he is able to spend this kind of money on one person? It wasn’t [spaced out], it was definitely over a little time period, but it was wild. So thank you, it was kind of crazy.”

Mandy Rose is immensely popular

The jaw-dropping sum underscores the immense popularity and allure of Rose’s exclusive content, which has garnered significant attention and financial support from her dedicated fanbase.

Rose’s substantial earnings and success as a content creator have fueled speculation about her potential return to wrestling. Despite her WWE release, she has refrained from competing in other promotions, opting instead to focus on her burgeoning content empire and skincare brand, Amarose.

While the prospect of a wrestling comeback remains uncertain, Rose’s astronomical earnings and entrepreneurial ventures underscore her versatility and business acumen beyond the squared circle.

As fans continue to marvel at the astonishing figures and Rose’s entrepreneurial endeavors, the possibility of her returning to wrestling, particularly in promotions like AEW, remains a topic of intrigue and speculation.

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