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Former WWE champion claims his leg needs to be removed fans send prayers

Former professional wrestling star Marty Jannetty, known for his achievements as a WWF Intercontinental and Tag Team champion, is facing yet another challenging chapter in his life. The 63-year-old athlete, who has battled addiction and health issues over the years, recently shared on Facebook that doctors have informed him about the necessity of amputating his leg.

Expressing his emotional turmoil, Jannetty wrote, “I can’t hardly formulate a sentence right now. It’s a tough time in life; yesterday they told me they want to cut my leg off.” Amidst this distressing news, he conveyed his sense of being lost and regretfully informed his followers that he would not be hosting his weekly podcast.

Adding to the heart-wrenching situation, Jannetty shared that his brother conveyed the tragic news of his sister’s passing, even describing the heartbreaking moment when she allegedly died in his arms. However, there was some uncertainty in his subsequent statements, indicating that she might still be holding on.

A later post on the page attempted to provide reassurance, stating, “Marty is fine, he is resting,” while requesting fans to allow him the necessary time for rest and grieving.

Marty Jannetty gained prominence during his WWE tenure as a member of “The Rockers,” partnered with Shawn Michaels from 1988 to 1992. Their tag team success culminated before Michaels’ infamous turn, leading him to become a solo star and one of WWE’s legendary figures. The ongoing developments in Jannetty’s health and personal life remain a story that will be closely monitored by fans and the wrestling community alike.

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