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Bayley confirmed WrestleMania showdown with IYO SKY

When Bayley emerged victorious from the Royal Rumble, she didn’t take long to decide who would be her WrestleMania opponent. Following a heated exchange with Nia Jax and Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley on “Raw,” Bayley hinted at her choice on “WWE SmackDown.” Fans were ecstatic to learn that Bayley will be facing none other than WWE Women’s Champion IYO SKY, a co-founder of Damage CNTRL and her former closest friend.

Bayley’s Backstage Eavesdropping

The drama started when Bayley overheard SKY and Women’s Tag Team Champions Kairi Sane and Asuka talking. Bayley appeared to be disregarded by SKY, who said that she would be “done tonight.” This behind-the-scenes glimpse, which hinted at a potential conflict between Bayley and Ripley but left open the possibility of choosing a different course due to personal conviction, laid the setting for the much-awaited announcement.

During a behind-the-scenes interview, Bayley opened herself completely, praising Damage CNTRL as a family as well as the greatest women’s group. But there was still a noticeable tension, as Bayley hinted that she felt deceived by SKY’s seeming change in allegiance since Sane and Asuka arrived. The passionate admission set the stage for the inevitable confrontation, with Bayley speaking to SKY in Japanese and highlighting the stakes for all parties.

Bayley vs SKY at WrestleMania 40 Becomes Official

The surprising retribution that followed Sane and Asuka’s ambush of Bayley intensified the tensions backstage. Bayley reversed the situation and caused havoc on her erstwhile comrades while hiding behind a metal pipe. When Bayley confronted SKY with the championship in hand and she defended herself, the altercation reached a crescendo. When Bayley announced their WrestleMania bout at a pivotal time, it became the first official match for WrestleMania 40.

Bayley’s decision to fight IYO SKY at WrestleMania promises an exciting battle with the stage set and emotions high. This impending clash is made more intriguing by the personal background, the sense of betrayal, and the familial ties inside Damage CNTRL. Bayley’s choice as the Royal Rumble victor adds a gripping story to the WrestleMania scene. The next developments in their fierce rivalry are much anticipated by wrestling fans, as Bayley and SKY are ready to take center stage in one of WrestleMania 40’s main matches.

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