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WWE contemplates John Cena vs Cody Rhodes: Is it the perfect Farewell?

John Cena vs Cody Rhodes: John Cena’s return to WWE has ignited a flurry of speculation among wrestling fans, and the burning question on everyone’s minds is, “What’s next for the legendary John Cena?” His September 1st appearance on Friday Night SmackDown saw him open the show, confirming his role as the host of Payback. However, the WWE Universe is already pondering Cena’s next in-ring opponent, considering his upcoming six-week stint on SmackDown.

Intriguingly, it has been reported by WRKD Wrestling that WWE has been exploring the possibility of a showdown between John Cena and Cody Rhodes. The prospect of these two wrestling icons colliding inside the squared circle has fans buzzing with excitement.

Following his electrifying appearance on SmackDown, John Cena candidly opened up about his future in WWE. The 16-time World Champion acknowledged that his days as an active wrestler are numbered, but he’s not quite ready to hang up his boots just yet. Cena remarked, “Every single chance I get to go out there becomes more and more special. There is no denying the fact that I’m 46 and staring down 47. I’ve been here for over two decades. As I said out there in the ring, the last one is not tonight, but I know it’s soon. To speak candidly, when you’re involved in this every day in a full-time capacity, you just think about what’s next.”

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John Cena vs Cody Rhodes

Could a clash with Cody Rhodes provide John Cena with the ideal swansong to his illustrious wrestling career? The notion of Cena stepping into the ring with Cody Rhodes carries a sense of nostalgia and excitement that would undoubtedly captivate fans worldwide. Whether it marks the final chapter of Cena’s in-ring journey or a new beginning, the prospect of Cena vs. Rhodes is a tantalizing one.

As WWE continues to unfold its storylines and build towards future events, wrestling enthusiasts will eagerly await any official announcements regarding this potential dream match. John Cena’s legacy in the squared circle remains an enduring source of inspiration, and his final moments in the ring, whoever they may be against, are sure to be nothing short of extraordinary.

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