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Top 5 WWE superstars with most losses in WWE History

We usually do pieces regarding the individuals with the greatest amount of wins, the majority appearances, significantly titles won, and so on, but we thought our readers should be aware of who has lost the most number of matches in their WWE careers, and there are some on this list who are all-time legends, and whose popularity has resulted in so many losses. Unfortunately, there are a number of superstars that have experienced numerous losses throughout their long WWE career, and the longer the career, the more losses there will be. So, here are the top five WWE superstars that have lost the most matches in WWE history.

Randy Orton  

Randy Orton’s inclusion on this list is as surprising as Kane’s, but given that he has wrestled in WWE for almost 20 years and has had so many matches, losing will happen, nevertheless he has prevailed in more than 50% of his matches, so that’s a plus.

Dolph Ziggler  

Dolph Ziggler, like The Miz, is a very competent wrestler, but his history with the organization and the fact that as a veteran he prioritizes other younger talent is one of the causes for his many losses, yet the audience adore him and he is one of the greats.

Brooklyn Brawler  

Brooklyn Brawler was a Jobber in WWE during his time, which means he served as a stepping stone for all of WWE’s major superstars over the years. They used to beat him and build a reputation for themselves, so it’s no surprise that he’s losing so many bouts. He is still regarded as a legend and is lovingly remembered.

The Miz  

The Miz is one of the most talented WWE performers of all time, but he has a poor record when it comes to defeats. Out of the 1862 matches he has competed in, he has lost 1182 of them, and because he is still active, that figure is certain to rise.


The fact that this name is at the top of the list will surprise a lot of readers, but they must realise how long this man’s career lasted and how many matches he participated in. His statistics are astounding; he has competed in a total of 2807 matches, losing 1221 of them, giving him a victory percentage of over 50, which is remarkable given the massive number of matches Kane had.

NameNo. of Losses
The Miz 1182 and counting
Brooklyn Brawler1169
Dolph Ziggler1104 and counting
Randy Orton 1017 and counting

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