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Top 5 wrestlers with the most WWE SmackDown matches

The Rock gave the SmackDown show its name, and it debuted in 1999. It was viewed as a viable alternative to Raw, where not all superstars get the chance to shine and demonstrate their skills, so this would be the land of opportunities for the WWE’s underutilised talent at that time. The most well-known 2000s career launch during SmackDown’s 22-year tenure in the WWE was that of John Cena, who made his debut in 2002. Some superstars have made SmackDown their home and competed frequently on the blue brand. Let’s examine the top five WWE stars who have appeared on SmackDown the most.

Kofi Kingston  

Kofi Kingston is a pro wrestler with a lot of talent and experience who has taken part in over 281 matches on WWE SmackDown. He is renowned for his outstanding in-ring skills and his capacity to entertain crowds with thrilling matches. As the face of the blue brand for the remainder of the year, Kingston created history in 2019 by becoming the first man to ever win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35. Kingston has taken home the SmackDown Tag Team Championship seven times in total being a member of the adored New Day.

Dolph Ziggler  

A true veteran of the sport who understands how to develop a narrative and captivate the audience, Dolph Ziggler is a superstar who doesn’t receive the recognition he merits despite being one of the best wrestlers WWE has had in the previous 15 years. As a legend who is aware that WWE constantly needs new stars, it is clear from his 307 encounters on SmackDown that he was utilized to establish new stars, winning 137 of them while losing 162 of them. 


The Big Red Machine’s appearance Kane’s inclusion in the Top 5 lists of both Raw and SmackDown’s most appearances demonstrates what a fantastic worker he was for both brands. He can be regarded as a legend on both brands, which is extremely uncommon for any WWE superstar, proving that he is deserving of the hall of fame. He has played in 321 matches for the blue brand, winning 151 and losing 143. Towards the conclusion of his career, he sought to establish new stars, thus he used to lose against them to give the other superstar a sense of legitimacy.

Big Show  

One superstar who established himself on SmackDown is Big Show. The Big Show progressed from match to match and improved over time. He had assistance from Eddie, Rey Mysterio, and the others. Big Show was a special wrestler since he was by far the biggest of them all, which allowed him to easily overwhelm a number of his opponents. He won an amazing 184 of his 321 matches on the blue brand, and other WWE superstars only defeated him 106 times. We wish him luck in the future because he is a fantastic blue brand.

Rey Mysterio  

The man who has appeared on SmackDown the most is a genuine giant, but ‘The Biggest Little Man’ is the one who has made the most appearances overall. Nearly everyone associates Mysterio with SmackDown. He reached enormous milestones on the brand and currently holds the record for the most wins on the programme as the only wrestler to have won more than 200 times on SmackDown. Mysterio, a WWE Grand Slam Champion, is in excellent form and might break a handful of additional milestones on Friday Nights prior to hanging up his boots.

NameSmackDown Matches
Rey Mysterio336
Big Show321
Dolph Ziggler307
Kofi Kingston 281

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