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Top 5 wrestlers with most WWE Championship reigns in history 

Whoever holds the record for the most WWE World Championship victories is less debatable than who is considered to be the greatest wrestler of all time. Cody Rhodes’ comeback didn’t make any note of his time in AEW, and WWE frequently receives criticism for failing to mention other companies and the history of their wrestlers in them. TNA World Championships are not recognised by WWE in this list, and there is a lack of recognition throughout. Given that TNA was not, and still is not, a significant wrestling promotion, as are, for instance, Ring of Honour and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, this may be reasonable. 

NXT Titles are not also counted by WWE as World Titles, which seems sensible and fair. The current Universal and WWE Titles. the NWA’s predecessor, the WCW World Championship, and the previous World Heavyweight Championship. The WWE brand also recognises ECW title reigns.


In addition to four WWE Championships, Edge holds the record for the most reigns with the former World Heavyweight Championship at seven. He became the first guy to win a title in this way when he cashed in the Money in the Bank contract to win his first World Title. 

Hulk Hogan  

The Hulkster held six consecutive title reigns in both WCW and WWE. He has held the WCW Title for the greatest period of time (469 days), and the second-longest WWE Title reign (2174 days). Over 18 years after his first, in 2002, he held the Undisputed WWE Championship during his final reign.

Randy Orton 

Randy Orton, who won the World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam in 2004, is the youngest World Champion in history at the age of 24. Additionally, he is the last person to wear that belt, which he achieved three times. With 10 titles, he is second in the WWE and still has a chance to win more.

Triple H  

The 14 title reigns in The Game spanned a period of 17 years, from 1999 to 2016. He has held the World Heavyweight Championship five times and the WWE Championship nine times, making him the first WWE champion to hold the latter championship.

John Cena

A record 13 WWE Championships have been won by John Cena during his legendary WWE career, with the inaugural occurring in 2005 and his most recent in 2017. He also gave the business the “spinner” belt. Additionally, he captured three world heavyweight titles. Is a 17th on the horizon for him?

Ric Flair  

The NWA and Flair himself disagree on how many World Championships he has actually won, with Flair claiming to have won 25. WWE lists him as a 16-time World Champion, with reigns in the NWA(8), WCW(6), and WWE(2).

Ric Flair16
John Cena16
Triple H14
Randy Orton 14
Hulk Hogan 12
Edge 11

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