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Top 5 Wrestlers With most wins in a calendar year in WWE

Despite the fact that wrestling is a choreographed sport, a wrestler’s standing in the annals of history can be determined largely by the number of victories they have racked up over the course of their careers with the WWE. Throughout their protracted careers with Vince McMahon’s company, these superstars have had enormous success, collecting a tonne of titles and developing Hall of Fame résumés. 

While the majority of the wrestlers on the list have left the sport, others are still competing and are consistently increasing their win totals. These wrestlers are the most successful in terms of wins in the history of the WWE, including World Champions, Hall of Famers, and future inductees. The stars on this list, however, have paved the way for the entire new generation. Having said that, let’s look at the WWE superstars with the most victories in a calendar year. 

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan, a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, is the organization’s first internationally renowned celebrity. He served as the company’s spokesperson for more than ten years and was crucial to their early years of success. Throughout his career, The Hulkster has performed in a variety of promotions, including WCW, NJPW, and Impact Wrestling. However, let’s focus on his success in WWE. Hulk Hogan has participated in numerous matches throughout his career and has amassed well over 1000 victories. His win percentage is 74.8%. The Hulkster probably would like to compete in one more WWE match, but considering his age and physical condition, it is unlikely to happen. Hogan’s best year was in 1980 with 172 Wins. 

Tito Santana

One of the finest athletes who did not win the WWE Championship is Tito Santana. He was the 1989 King of the Ring champion as well as a previous two-time Intercontinental & Tag Team Champion. He has participated in the first nine WrestleMania events and has been a vital participant for the WWE in its early years. Santana also participated in the promotion from 1991 to 1993 as El Matador and had a successful winning streak. With 180 victories, 1985 was the year with the most victories.

Roman Reigns

Arguably among the most dominant wrestlers of this age has been Roman Reigns. He is a natural winner with many WrestleMania main events under his belt and the longest title reign of the new millennium. Reigns seldom loses matches, and when he does, it usually involves antics and is rarely even clean. Reigns has 73.1 percent of wins. His record-breaking reign has established him as one of the greatest champions of all time, and he still has years to go. In 2015 he had the most victories with 187 wins.

Bret Hart

Despite all the scandals, Bret Hart, who is perhaps the greatest Canadian superstar in WWE, had a successful career with the organizations. He enjoyed a distinguished career that included five reigns as the WWE Champion and various mid-card and tag team titles. In the 1990s, Bret Hart was a prominent figure for WWE, earning numerous victories and titles. For his singles career in 2006 and for his involvement with the Hart Foundation in 2019, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. In 2010, he briefly returned to the ring and added additional victories to his record. In 1992 had the most victories with 189 wins.


When you think about what Sheamus has accomplished in the more than 12 years he’s been with WWE, it’s quite amazing. With a Royal Rumble victory, a King Of The Ring triumph, and a victorious Money In The Bank cash-in, it’s as complete as a wrestling career can be. Don’t forget about the high-profile matches at WrestleMania versus Triple H and Daniel Bryan, as well as the numerous singles and tag team titles, including three reigns for the WWE Championship. Sheamus currently has over 1000 victories, and he wants to see that number rise. 2012 was the year when he had the most wins with 193 wins.

NameTotal WinsYear
Bret Hart1891992
Roman Reigns1872015
Tito Santana1801985
Hulk Hogan1721980

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