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Top 5 wrestlers in WWE with most matches in the history of the sport

Over seven decades have passed since World Wrestling Entertainment first entered the pro wrestling industry. The organization popularized the sport and served as the home to numerous industry luminaries, including Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and The Undertaker. Given its tremendous past, the WWE ring has seen a variety of matches that have produced memorable moments that fans have grown up watching. 

Although the main eventers are regarded as the best performers in the WWE, there are a number of talented wrestlers that consistently perform for fans week in and week out.  These people are true workhorses, and even if they occasionally go unnoticed, we decided to take the time to look at them. The WWE Superstars with the most important matchups are listed below.

John Cena

The “Face that runs the place,” John Cena, is ranked fifth. Cena has currently competed in 1334 matches for the WWE, although if he hadn’t worked as a part-timer in later years, the figure may have been far higher. John Cena is regarded as one of the greatest and most well-known individuals in modern time and has matched Ric Flair’s total of 16 world championships. He has triumphed in practically all WWE competitions, including two Royal Rumbles.

Randy Orton

Orton has been with WWE for 18 years and is still going strong. He currently has 1349 matches under his belt and will undoubtedly add to this total before he retires. Orton, who ended up going ahead to claim the world championship 13 times, is still the most recent WWE World Champion ever. Along with the numerous titles Orton has captured in the WWE, he has also won the Royal Rumble twice and the Grand Slam.

Dolph Ziggler

Despite the fact that Dolph Ziggler might not possess the renowned status of some of the other athletes on this list, WWE strongly depends on him. For the majority of his career, Ziggler wouldn’t likely have been promoted as an important event figure, but WWE is aware of his strengths. Ziggler typically works with fresh, younger talent for WWE, helping them adjust to the main roster and, more importantly, getting over. Ziggler has 1379 matches in his WWE career, and he is third on this list for a reason: he is very, very excellent. Among other titles, Ziggler has won the US Championship six times and the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

Big Show

Big Show comes in second with 1434 matches overall in the WWE. At the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre pay-per-view in 1999, Show made his WWE debut by attacking Stone Cold Steve Austin outside the ring while the latter was competing in a Steel Cage match against Vince McMahon. The Big Show is still signed to WWE and hasn’t formally retired after 21 years and 1434 matches. Big Show is a former Intercontinental and US Champion in addition to having won other world championships in the WWE.


The supreme ruler of Knoxville and Devil’s Favorite Demon, Kane, is at the top of the list, far in front of everyone else. Glenn Jacobs made his professional debut in WWE in 1995 as Mike Unabomb and later made a comeback as Isaac Yankem DDS, totaling 1663 matches. He was rebranded as Kane in 1997, and the remainder is history. Kane has won the WWE World Championship, the United States Championship, and many tag-team titles. It will undoubtedly be a while before someone tops Kane’s record, that much is certain.

Big Show1434
Dolph Ziggler1379
Randy Orton1349
John Cena1334