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Top 5 shortest WWE singles matches of all time

Certainly, the WWE isn’t interested in their devoted followers spending money on tickets, gas, parking, and perhaps even a babysitter to see their favorite wrestler compete for a few seconds. However, there are situations when the disparity and severity of the imbalance between two combatants is so great that the fight inevitably ends after a short while. WWE matches occasionally drag on for what seems like an eternity. Some of the greatest fights in history have resulted from nail-biting contests where one boxer just can’t seem to edge out the other. Conversely, some of the most exciting WWE matches are the ones that are decided in a split second. It’s all because one combatant utterly dominates and outclasses the other. Here are the top 5 shortest WWE matches ever.

Sheamus vs  Zack Ryder  

Before succumbing to the same attack that prematurely terminated Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania, Zack Ryder was at the peak of his abilities. Sheamus completed it eight seconds quicker this time! 

Kane vs Chavo  

You would have missed about half of the match if you even glanced away from your TV or the ring for a little moment. This match, which lasted 11 seconds, is among the most notable in history. Kane emerged from behind the ring and launched an attack right as the bell rang while Lieutenant Loco was preoccupied energising the audience. Guerrero barely had time to process what was occurring before Kane’s hands, which have the size of enormous barbarian claws, grabbed him by the neck. For an immediate victory, Kane lifts Chavo above his seven-foot stature and smacks him into the ring. The Big Red Monster wasted no time beating Chavo Guerrero. Kane set a WrestleMania record with his nine seconds of domination.

Diesel vs Bob Backlund

Diesel and Backlund competed in what was then the quickest bout in WWE history in a highly awaited match at Madison Square Garden. Three days prior to this encounter, just three days after his championship match, Backlund faced Diesel. Diesel kicked off the match quickly, which set up his winning jackknife powerbomb finisher. In just 8 seconds, Backlund—who had only had the belt for three days—lost it. What a humiliating way to lose the championship.

Big Boss Man vs Rock

I believe that almost every fan of WWE is aware of the peculiarity and mystery of this match. The Rock and Triple H were supposed to face off in the bout, but Big Boss Man entered the fray after Hunter failed to appear. The Rock immediately rolled him up and stopped the contest in a short three seconds, setting a WWE record, as Big Boss Man jogged up to what was about to be the most embarrassing match of his life. Staying at home was likely the best course of action for Triple H. The Rock is one of the most decorated superstars the WWE has ever seen. He’s done it all and electrified millions of fans in the process. He beat Big Boss Man in five seconds.

Trish Stratus vs Nidia

Trish Stratus and Nidia’s legendary encounter, which lasted for a total of 4 seconds, holds the distinction of being the shortest women’s match in WWE history. Stratus had an injured wrist at the moment and Nidia had recently won a triple threat match that gave her the chance to challenge her whenever she was ready to compete. Stratus then came down to the ring to congratulate Nidia before putting her out with her cast. Then, Stratus made use of the requirement by declaring that she was prepared for the match. When the bell rang, Stratus had already pinned her and had won.

Name Time
Trish Stratus vs Nidia4 seconds
Big Boss Man vs Rock5 seconds
Diesel vs Bob Backlund8 seconds
Kane vs Chavo9 seconds 
Sheamus vs  Zack Ryder10 seconds

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