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Top 5 Shortest Women’s Matches in WWE history

The WWE has obviously taken a different approach to women’s wrestling than it has in the past. Formerly just a little break in the show before it was done, their matches are now routinely the main event and some of the most important events on WWE television. There have been numerous quick battles throughout the history of the WWE Women’s division, but more recently, there have also been some classic matches. For the sake of this ranking, all matches will be taken into consideration, with the exception of the Women’s Royal Rumble matches. Here are the five all-time shortest women’s matches.

Brie Bella Vs Nikki Bella Vs Layla 

WWE fans will remember this classic from 2012, when Layla, Nikki, and Brie Bella competed for the Divas Championship in a triple threat match. Tensions were high because Layla had recently won the aforementioned Divas Championship at Extreme Rules 2012 by defeating Nikki Bella the previous evening. For whatever reason, The Bella Twins’ argument was interrupted by the bell, which gave Layla just 10 seconds to drop-kick one of the twins into the other and roll her up for the win. The Bella Twins promptly went on a nearly one-year vacation after this match, making it the final one in which they engaged in competitive wrestling.

Naomi Vs Lana 

On the July 4th, 2017 episode of SmackDown LIVE, Lana and Naomi engaged in one of the more bizarre rivalries for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. A week previously, Naomi had won this exact battle, but Lana had been given a rematch since her shoulder wasn’t down. Naomi promptly flipped Lana into the Slay-O-Mission and forced her to tap in just 8 seconds, ending the contest quickly.

Aksana Vs Natalya  

Natalya’s skill was horribly wasted during this period of her career, therefore it’s a good thing her career lasted long enough for her to take part in the Women’s Revolution. On the Friday Night SmackDown episode from January 27, 2012, Natalya squared off against Aksana. Natalya unexpectedly turned her back on Aksana to yell at someone at the start of the match, and Aksana quickly rolled her up for the swift pin and the victory in 7 seconds.

Asuka Vs Dana Brooke  

Asuka and Dana Brooke competed in the second-shortest women’s match in the annals of the WWE. When Dana Brooke lost against Asuka the previous week, she insisted for a rematch. This occurred in the midst of Asuka’s illustrious unbeaten run. Asuka used Dana Brooke’s sudden charge just before the bell rang to spin her into an armbar, forcing her to submit in less than five seconds.

Trish Stratus Vs Nidia  

Trish Stratus and Nidia’s legendary encounter, which lasted for a total of 4 seconds, holds the distinction of having been the most brief women’s match in WWE history. Stratus had an injured wrist at the moment and Nidia had recently won a triple threat match that gave her the chance to challenge her anytime she was ready to compete. Stratus then came down to the ring to congratulate Nidia before putting her out with her cast. Then, Stratus made use of the requirement by declaring that she was prepared for the match. When the bell rang, Stratus had already pinned her and had won.

Trish Stratus Vs NidiaRaw4 seconds
Asuka Vs Dana BrookeRaw5 seconds
Aksana Vs NatalyaSmackDown7 seconds
Naomi Vs LanaSmackDown8 seconds
Brie Bella Vs Nikki Bella Vs LaylaRaw10 seconds

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