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The top 5 WWE Divas of all time

Over the past 30 years, hundreds of women have appeared as main characters in WWE programming. Evil managers, attractive valets, bold backstage interviewers, and outstanding wrestlers have all been seen.  They changed from being known simply as women in the late 1990s to being known as “divas.” They each had their own division, titles, and plots. Every supporter appeared to have a favorite.  Although WWE doesn’t really use the term “diva” yet, women have always contributed to the business.  Since the start of the WrestleMania era, this list examines the top female wrestlers and characters in the WWE.

Only a woman’s contribution to the WWF/E is eligible for this. Therefore, keep in mind that some of the ladies listed here might not be as highly as they would be on an all-time top list. Ranking factors include how hard management pushed them, how significant they were to the business, how well-liked they were, and how well they performed in the ring. Let’s look back at the women who led the way as E!’s Total Divas gets underway. The top 5 ladies in WWE history in terms of beauty, awe, and butt-kicking are listed below.


Chyna may be considered the most influential Diva among them all if her personal struggles and problems behind the scenes had not derailed her career. In 1996, Chyna and her boyfriend in real life, Triple H, both joined the WWF. Together, they contributed to the formation of the outlaw gang known as D-Generation X. She fit right in and was an essential element of the group’s countercultural rebellion. Although her physical appearance had altered throughout the years, her fan base still adored her. 

She published a best-selling autobiography while a member of the WWF, and she appeared on the Playboy cover. Her tale was incredibly inspiring, yet it ended in tragedy. Chyna was no longer employed by the organization after Stephanie McMahon and Triple H were found having an affair. She departed in 2001 and has never worked with us again.


You might hear a whip crack and know that a certain nice thing was about to happen. Sable most likely had the hottest run of any Diva in WWF history, but it wasn’t long enough. Together with Hunter Hearst Helmsley, she first started working for the company in 1996. She provided her leadership abilities to her real-life spouse Marc Mero after realizing that the two weren’t meant to be. However, Sable and the WWF did not get along. She became a liar, which significantly lowered her popularity. 

She later filed a sexual harassment claim and quit the company. In 2003, she attempted to file a lawsuit against them for $110 million however was unexpectedly revived. She assumed the character of a cougar who devoured on the younger Torrie Wilson upon her return. She was Vince McMahon’s mistress as well, like the majority of ladies on the roster at the time.

Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth, the “first lady” of professional wrestling, was “The Macho Man” Randy Savage’s favorite woman in the 1980s. She wasn’t a wrestler, Elizabeth. Elizabeth wasn’t necessary. She didn’t even need to do commercials. She became one of the most well-known wrestling stars of her era simply by existing. Elizabeth has perhaps appeared in more memorable storylines than any other female wrestler in WWF history. Tragically, Elizabeth overdosed on drugs in 2003 and died at the age of 42.


Who would have thought that the valet for Essa Rios would go on to become one of the most prominent female stars in WWE history? Lita’s tenure with the Hardy Boyz and Team Extreme had a significant role in drawing in the teenage and female fans while Steve Austin and The Rock were driving the show in the Attitude Era. Lita was calm as a cucumber and dazzling in the ring. She was a woman who men would like dating and one that girls might look up to.

Having her thong exposed was part of her signature appearance, and she didn’t seem to mind giving her followers a little show. She didn’t mind performing moonsaults occasionally either. Lita retired far earlier than her fans would have wished her to because of her terrible neck and a desire to work on other projects. She did, however, demonstrate that she still had it when she used her flawless moonsault to take down Heath Slater on Raw 1000.

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus’ debut promo was so agonizing to see that it’s incredible she ever got another chance to speak. Fortunately, WWE gave her another shot, and through perseverance and commitment to her profession, she rose to the position of finest Diva the business has ever seen. When Stratus first entered the organization, he sided with Test and Albert to form the rather forgettable “T & A” tag team. 

In her WWE tenure, Stratus competed in 239 televised contests as opposed to 149 for Lita. WWE simply had to rely on Stratus a lot more often to carry the women’s division as Lita suffered a terrible neck injury. Since there is no way of knowing how many more fantastic Stratusfaction moments we could have had, Stratus retired in 2006.

Trish Stratus2000-06
Miss Elizabeth1985-92
Sable1996-98, 2003-04

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