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Shawn Spears Talks About Recent Creative Pitch Getting Rejected

Shawn Spears’ recent return to WWE has shaken the whole wrestling community after rejoining the black and gold brand dramatically. He attacked Ridge Holland with a chair shocking everyone. However, fans were expecting to see his iconic ‘Perfect 10’ persona but insisted they were in for a surprise. Spears opted for a different character this time around.

Shawn Spears’ Royal Rumble Return

Spears desired to revisit his ‘Perfect 10’ persona but later confirmed that he pitched the idea of entering the men’s royal rumble match as a surprise entrant at number 10. This move would have linked back to his previous WWE character and would have gotten a big reaction from the fans and audience. Unfortunately, he made it too late as WWE had already finalized their plans for the Men’s Royal Rumble match. If he had proposed it a tad earlier then things would have been different.

Spears resurrected a character reminding me of his time in WWE’s rival organization AEW, where he was known as ‘The Chairman’ with the kind of persona and character he was playing there at that time. His current persona originated from his time spent in AEW, where he struck Cody Rhodes with a steel chair. Spears has been embracing this persona by bringing a chair to the ring. He is using it as a prop to deliver what he claims to be the truth to his opponents in or out of the ring.

‘The Chairman’ Returns

Spears time came to an end in December last year with both parties agreeing to part ways amicably. His final appearance for the AEW was seen when he was donning a mask and playing a henchman role for the Devil before their identities were revealed to everyone.

Despite changing his character and persona, Spears’ return to WWE has generated quite an amount of buzz among wrestling fans around the globe. He has a history of delivering memorable moments and his newly found persona as ‘The Chairman’ clearly shows his ability to don different characters and persona.

As he settles back into the WWE roster, fans must be eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for him in WWE. We have to wait and see if he’ll continue to wield his chair as a symbol of truth or if he’ll eventually go back to his famous ‘Perfect 10’ persona, will we see his persona soon? Only time will tell us about that. However, one is certain that Spears is back on the WWE roster, and fans are in for an exciting ride.

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