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Samoa Joe is considered the ‘real leaders’ in the AEW locker room

An unexpected incident backstage at All In London involving CM Punk and Jack Perry has continued to grab headlines and fan attention. The Second City Savior was originally scheduled to face Samoa Joe in the ring, and it was fortunate that Joe was on hand to handle the situation that unfolded. Reports from a neutral source initially suggested that CM Punk had sucker-punched Jack Perry backstage, an incident that raised eyebrows within the wrestling community. However, the incident was captured on camera, shedding some light on the confrontation.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Samoa Joe emerged as a “real leader” amidst the chaos when CM Punk was heard vocally expressing his decision to quit the company. Joe’s presence played a crucial role in ensuring that his scheduled match with CM Punk proceeded as planned. The report stated, “Joe was very upset and went to calm Punk down.”

Some within the wrestling community believe that both Perry and Punk shared responsibility for the altercation. Learning about the incident seemed to motivate the talent roster to put on exceptional matches. One comment noted, “It kind of brought everyone together, and Samoa Joe was a real leader.”

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CM Punk/Perry fight

Despite the backstage turmoil, CM Punk’s professionalism prevailed. He fulfilled his commitment to the scheduled match against Samoa Joe, which was set as the PPV opener.

AEW is reportedly looking into the incident and is hopeful of finding a resolution. The situation has presented the company with various challenges to address. Unfortunately, this incident has raised concerns that CM Punk might miss All Out, leaving fans and the wrestling world in anticipation of further developments.

As the wrestling community eagerly awaits updates on this unexpected backstage clash, it remains to be seen how AEW will handle the aftermath and what the future holds for CM Punk and Jack Perry within the company.