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Randy Orton issues Royal Rumble challenge to reigning champion Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown

Randy Orton returned interrupting the celebratory return of Universal Champion Roman Reigns. In a bold and unexpected move, Orton made his intentions clear, he’s gunning for Reigns and his coveted championship at the upcoming Royal Rumble. Roman Reigns basking in the festive spirit of Christmas on “WWE SmackDown,” extended the joy to fellow Bloodline member Solo Sikoa. However, the joyous atmosphere took an unexpected turn when Randy Orton made a dramatic entrance abruptly halting the champion’s celebration. Orton wasted no time in expressing his desire to face Reigns and compete for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton’s willingness to face The Bloodline

Knowing the challenges that come with targeting “The Tribal Chief,” Randy Orton displayed his fearlessness by expressing his willingness to go through any member of The Bloodline including Jimmy Uso to get to Reigns. The tension in the air escalated as Orton set the stage for a high-stakes main event on “SmackDown” against Jimmy Uso.

While Orton showered Reigns with compliments acknowledging his impressive evolution and legendary status with a more than 1,000-day championship reign, he quickly transitioned into his “Legend Killer” persona. Reminding Reigns of his moniker, Orton unleashed a near-perfect RKO attempt a move that has defined his career. Reigns, however, narrowly avoided the devastating maneuver.

Roman Reigns’ response and Randy Orton’s legend killer persona

Despite Orton’s bold challenge and his reminder that he is always a “Legend Killer,” Reigns remained composed. He questioned Orton’s worthiness for a title opportunity stating that Orton had done nothing to deserve it. The verbal sparring reached its peak as Orton undeterred by the champion’s skepticism confidently asserted that Reigns should keep him at the forefront of his thoughts.

As the confrontation unfolded, Orton with his trademark confidence noted that the voices in his head were telling him that Reigns was scared. The challenge was laid out and the tension reached its zenith but the official confirmation of a match between Orton and Reigns whether at Royal Rumble or another momentous event remained elusive.

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