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Seth Rollins speaks of his opponent ahead of his match at WWE RAW Day 1

Seth Rollins had a remarkable year akin to a renaissance, bouncing back from a challenging 2022 to reclaim the world champion status in 2023, securing the coveted title of the first-ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Since then, Rollins has proudly held onto the title and is set to commence 2024 defending it against Drew McIntyre at “WWE Raw: Day One.” McIntyre, himself undergoing a transformation from a beloved hero to a resentful villain, is deeply frustrated by his inability to regain a World Title and the widespread acceptance of Jey Uso, who played a role in McIntyre’s loss of the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WWE Clash at the Castle.

During a recent segment on “WWE Raw,” Rollins addressed the impending match against McIntyre. The footage swiftly made its way to X, revealing a surprising side of Rollins. Contrary to expectations, Rollins acknowledged McIntyre’s grievances, even empathizing with the former WWE Champion and understanding his aggressive stance following his attitude shift.

Seth Rollins wishes the best man should win

Nevertheless, Rollins remains skeptical about McIntyre’s ability to defeat him in a match, asserting his superiority as the champion operating on an entirely different level. Despite this, Rollins expressed his desire for their clash to bring out the best in both competitors. Even while referring to McIntyre as a “jerk,” Rollins concluded with a sportsmanlike “may the best man win” declaration for their Monday night showdown.

Rollins’ doubts about McIntyre’s chances of beating him have thus far proven correct. Their prior encounter for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Crown Jewel in October resulted in Rollins retaining the title. McIntyre attributes his loss to showing compassion to Rollins, a mistake he vows not to repeat in their upcoming rematch.

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