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Jim Ross’s future with AEW is unknown

Jim Ross, the iconic voice of professional wrestling, is at a crossroads as his current contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is set to expire later this month. Wrestling fans around the world are left wondering whether JR, as he is affectionately known, will continue his tenure with the company. In a recent episode of his ‘Grilling JR‘ podcast, Jim Ross expressed his hope that AEW’s founder and president, Tony Khan, would extend his contract, allowing him to remain a part of the AEW family. Ross conveyed, “I’m just proud to be here.” However, the final decision rests in the hands of the AEW leadership.

Jim Ross’s love for the world of professional wrestling is evident. While he has found a home at AEW, he has always cherished his involvement in the pro wrestling industry. Ross even mentioned that he would consider participating in more autograph events on the fan signing circuit if AEW didn’t renew his contract. At 71 years old, Jim Ross is aware of the age and health-related challenges he faces. Despite these factors, he believes in the quality of his work, stating, “I feel like my work is pretty decent right now. My voice is strong. I don’t want to sit at home.” This sentiment underscores his enduring passion for his craft.

Will we continue hearing from Jim Ross?

As Jim Ross contemplates his future, wrestling enthusiasts are left pondering whether they will continue to hear his iconic voice on AEW broadcasts. Jim Ross’s legacy as one of the greatest wrestling play-by-play announcers in history is unquestionable. The decision now rests with Tony Khan and AEW. Will they choose to extend JR’s contract and keep his invaluable presence in the wrestling world, or is this the end of an era? Wrestling fans await the outcome, hoping for an announcement that will shape the future of AEW’s broadcasting team.

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Jim Ross weighs in on Edge’s potential move to AEW

In a recent episode of his “Grilling JR” podcast, legendary WWE Hall of Famer and AEW commentator, Jim Ross, delved into a range of wrestling topics, including the swirling rumors that Edge might consider joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW) once his current WWE contract concludes in September. During the podcast, Ross shared his thoughts on possible dream matches for Edge in AEW, the likelihood of the move, and how the Rated R Superstar could fit into the AEW landscape.

Jim Ross didn’t hesitate to let his imagination run wild when contemplating potential opponents for Edge in AEW. He mentioned intriguing matchups, saying, “I think Edge and Kenny Omega… Edge and Will Ospreay… There’s a million ways to monetize this potential.” Ross’s suggestions sparked excitement among wrestling enthusiasts, envisioning epic clashes between these formidable talents.

The likelihood of Edge joining AEW

Despite the buzz surrounding Edge’s potential move to AEW, Jim Ross made it clear that he lacks inside information on the matter. He shared his perspective, stating, “JR thinks it’s going to be a long shot at best if Edge ever competes… in AEW.” While Ross expressed his desire to see Edge in AEW, he emphasized that the move remains uncertain. He even raised the possibility of an Edge vs. Chris Jericho showdown, a prospect that garnered enthusiastic approval from fans.

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