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GUNTHER weighs in on how he feels after becoming the longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion

GUNTHER and Chad Gable have been going after each other for weeks now. It came to a conclusion today on WWE Monday Night RAW as GUNTHER retained his WWE Intercontinental Championship in an absolutely thrilling match. Both the men gave their all but the In-Ring General toppled all the odds by striking with a powerbomb and clothesline to pick the win and retain his championship.

In a WWE Exclusive interview, Gunther is asked what he has on his mind as he is going to break the 30-year-old record to become the longest-reigning IC Champion. Gunther subtly says, “I’m not surprised. From the moment on I won this prestigious championship, I saw the vision. I envisioned this very moment. That, I’m the one to redefine history, redefine the legacy of the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship.”

Gunther continued, “I heard them talking. I heard them discussing about their childhood heroes. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, I heard them talk about Steve Austin, The Rock. The reality is, when that bell rings, they all can lineup and lace my boots. Because as long as I’m alive, there’s no man born yet to take this title off me again. Thank You!.”

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Chad Gable is not done with GUNTHER

Chad Gable would be disappointed as he had to see his daughter in tears after his loss. Gable is now in a different zone and it looks like Gable is not going to let Gunther off the hook just like that. In a WWE Exclusive interview, Gable was asked how he felt after his loss. To everyone’s surprise, Gable says he is just getting started and Gunther should be vary about him.

Chad Gable says, “That’s not the end for a number of reasons, One, because I have a legacy to protect here, and we can talk all the haha stuff you want and thankyou, Shoosh, and yeah all that’s fun. And it’s a good time to do that to people and fun to play along with. But there’s also times where when it’s my kids sitting in the front freaking row and we got Gunther up there talking to them saying, Is this your Daddy?. And chopping me in front of him, my daughter’s crying her freaking eyes out, it kind of stops being fun at a certain point. So, that bothers me at a certain level. So, you have my word, I swear to you, I swear to everybody, and on myself and my career, that’s not the end. I’m taking the championship.”

Gable continued, “That Intercontinental Championship, I want him to keep it as long as it freaking takes for me to get a rematch because I’m coming back for it and I swear to God I’m winning that championship.”

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