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Eric Bischoff candidly speaks on AEW’s Perry-Punk drama

In a recent podcast interview, former wrestling executive Eric Bischoff didn’t hold back when discussing the suspension of Jack Perry (known as Jungle Boy) and the backstage altercation involving CM Punk at AEW’s All-In event. Bischoff provided unfiltered insights into the situation.

Eric Bischoff didn’t mince words when he suggested that AEW should consider more significant consequences for Jack Perry’s actions. In his “83 Weeks” podcast he argued that Perry’s status in AEW was primarily due to his father’s fame as a soap opera star, and questioned his potential as a wrestling star.

Bischoff offered advice to AEW President Tony Khan, recommending a fresh start for the promotion by parting ways with Jack Perry. He emphasized the need to address backstage conflicts and reset the environment, turning it into a valuable learning experience for Khan.

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Eric Bischoff feels Perry-Punk fights a “real heel heat”

Bischoff also critiqued AEW’s handling of CM Punk’s backstage role, highlighting the lack of clarity in defining his authority. He pointed out that this lack of control allowed Punk to intervene in creative decisions, leading to the Perry-Punk altercation.

Eric Bischoff expressed disbelief at Jack Perry’s decision to use real glass in a stunt to generate “real heel heat.” He questioned the logic behind this risky move and its minimal potential rewards, emphasizing its lack of impact on wrestling fans.

In this unfiltered discussion, Eric Bischoff provided a human perspective on AEW’s handling of the Perry-Punk incident, highlighting the importance of maintaining creative control and making wise decisions in the world of professional wrestling.

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