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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teases MAJOR announcement as “something BIG is coming”

WWE fans aren’t the only ones buzzing about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s upcoming plans. The wrestling icon and Hollywood star took to social media to hint at a significant development for his energy drink brand, ZOA.

In a cryptic video shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), Johnson teased the arrival of something big for ZOA, with the caption “Something BIG Is Coming #BDE #FEBRUARY19.” The teaser features Johnson sporting a mustache and rocking parts of his iconic teenage outfit, complete with a black turtleneck, silver chain, and fanny pack. As one of the founders of the ZOA brand, Johnson holds the title of Chief Energy Officer.

While Johnson has been making waves in WWE with his return and plans for WrestleMania 40, he’s also been actively involved in expanding his business ventures. Apart from the pending ZOA announcement, Johnson’s busy 2024 includes his appointment as a board member for TKO Group Holdings, WWE’s parent company, and taking ownership of “The Rock” trademark.

Johnson’s involvement in ZOA reflects his commitment to promoting health and wellness, aligning with the brand’s mission to provide consumers with a premium energy drink option. With the promise of something significant on the horizon, fans and consumers alike are eagerly anticipating the reveal on February 19th.

As Johnson continues to make strides in both the entertainment industry and the business world, his dedication to empowering others and driving positive change remains a cornerstone of his multifaceted career.

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