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Alexa Bliss embracing motherhood and the road to a WWE return

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss latest posted on Instagram a very intimate and touching moment with her husband Ryan Cabrera, as well as their newborn daughter Hendrix Rouge Cabrer. 30 minutes ago, posted by WWE Women’s Triple Crown Champion. The photo captures the spirit of their first Christmas as a family together titling it “the best Christmas present ❤️💚.“

November 27, 2023, the couple was blessed with their daughter as a new addition to their lives marked by happiness. Bliss and Cabrera are seen embracing joyful moments as well as challenging aspects of parenthood with love and enthusiasm; they got married in April that year.

Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera’s Journey

This year motherhood, Alexa Bliss changed her role. The fact that the couple announced their pregnancy earlier in the year did not spoil this love story; instead, it added a delightful twist. Bliss, a Money in the Bank winner and multiple Women’s Champion has been open about her desire to get back into the ring just after a month of giving birth.

Bliss’ wrestling career encountered some unexpected breaks while walking down the road to parenthood. Originally earmarked for a comeback before WrestleMania 39 her plans were delayed following the good tidings of an upcoming pregnancy. Despite the break, fans of WWE are impatient to see her again – especially with Royal Rumble just around the corner and the start of WrestleMania season.

Alexa Bliss WrestleMania Anticipation

Famed for her mesmerizing performances and the way she builds a character from scratch, Bliss has been noticeably absent in the WWE ring since her last encounter at the Royal Rumble premium live event two months ago. When going up against the “Raw” Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair, Bliss showed off her wrestling skills before stepping away to embrace motherhood.

At the arrival of WrestleMania season fans start to think about the chances that Bliss might return. In her character, the unpredictable nature of Bliss combined with her undeniable wrestling skills have made her a potential game-changer in the women’s division. Anxiety heightens as the WWE universe waits with bated breath to hear any news about Bliss’ comeback into the ring.

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